Monday, 6 June 2011

Searching for...

Hello Biuties!
This is a really short post not about makeup but about the blog.
I am looking for a web designer to juz up my blog, make it look less like a blog but more like a website.  
Nothing too drastic but something pretty and me :)

So if you or anyone you know is in the "business" or if someone did your website and you are willing to share please let me know!
I am of course willing to pay a reasonable price.
Thanks in advance biuties :)

Oh and blogging shall resume shortly, life is a bit hectic at the moment, I am furniture hunting as I'll be moving normally this week so I don't have a minute to myself!


  1. Oh I see we have the same thing in our wish list, only I'll do it myself when I find some time after college.

    Love ur blog!

  2. I think your website is lovely. I do find though that wordpress seems to have better non-bloggy looking themes than blogger. Practice modifying a theme on a subfolder! ;)

  3. I did my blog myself, except for the header photo. I got it made for $30 but the person who made it was a pain to deal, she only accepted Moneygram and it cost $5 to send $30 so I don't recommend using her. Anyway, I'm a little experienced in html so I was able to create the menu links/hyperlinks. I still have a few other things to do but i'm willing to help you, my email is located on my blog.

  4. uhm I'm not a web designer but I have a degree in graphics and photography! you can check my blog if you want... I've made the header (which I'm gonna change.. unfortunally I choose a wrong template and the header space is small), I've recently created my own logo with a cute deer, and I've insert a slider where you can see older posts! I'm good at photography... you only have to ask ;)