Wednesday, 1 June 2011

MUFE Flash Color Base Review

Hello Biuties!
Today's review is on this marvelous little colored case from Make Up For Ever!

This palette contains creamy and pigmented flashy colors to create an array of looks, they can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks (be aware that some colors are not advised to be used on the eyes or the lips) on their own or as bases.
Just imagine the number of things that can be done with this!!!
You get 70g of products in a clear case and each color is contained in its own "box".
These Flash colors come in various forms, individual pots (7g) or in stick form (20g). Also the colors in this palette aren't the only colors available, you can get purple, lighter greens or pinks, or various shades of green and blue if you buy them individually.

Onto the good, the bad and the ugly truth!

{ LOVE }
  • The coverage: These colors are sooooo opaque its out of this world! The coverage depends on how much you apply of course but a little does go a very long way!
  • Longevity: I don't really use my UDPP anymore. At first I would just forget to apply it but then I realised that even without a primer this last a pretty long time and without creasing despite the fact that it is a cream product. I've never tried to apply this without setting this with some kind of powder so I have no idea how long they would last on the lids or anywhere else without something to set on top.
  • Feel / Formula: they are very different from the NYX jumbo pencils that's for sure but pretty close to MAC's paintpots. Although they are less creamier they are creamy enough to blend easily and without having to blend for ages or having to rub your eyes like crazy to spread it out. I definitely prefer to apply this with my fingers as their warmth will help them melt faster and easier and so blend with a lot more ease.
  • Colours / Pigmentation: There are 12 colors that you can mix and match to create your own shade. I think this is great as you can custom your own colors and achieve a color that you probably will never find in this form. I love matte finishes so having 10 of the colors with matte finish makes me a very happy woman indeed! As far as the pigmentation goes just check out the swatches below! super pigmented and opaque and even when blended out you still get a great splash of color.
  • Use: The possibilities are endless, use this on your eyes, cheeks, lips, body, as eyeliner, shadows, foundation correctors, blusher, base, face or body painting... Name it it can be done with a bit of imagination and a lot of fun!
{ LIKE }
  • The case: The transparent case makes it very easy to spot the colours and pick out what you want. You can see the colors from each side of the case except the bottom as its where the ingredients and names of the shades are written. The compartments in which the shades are divided up are big enough to dip your fingers in and any type of brush. I can imagine how easy it will be to pick products up even when a tiny amount of product is left.

{ HATE }
  • The case: I have a love/hate relationship with this case. Yes it is very usefull with it being transparent and big enough for fingers and big brushes however I just think its ugly and the fact that it is made out of plastic I'm always scared to drop it and break it. It sometimes feels a bit flimsy and for the price I wish they would have made it a lot sturdier. Plus a do think it is very chunky and the closing system isn't the greatest as the cover can easily slip off.
  • 2 colors:The gold and the silver colors are ones that I will never use. They are quite sparkly and just awkward to work with in my opinion. If you blend them out too much you end up with only gold or silver glitters and if you don't blend enough you'll just end up in crease-ville!

  • Price: I think this is super expensive and if I had to buy another one I know that I'll find a way to fund this. Plus I've heard that it's a product quite hard to find! However I have to admit that for the quality, amount of product and usefulness of this its well worth it!


I don't think I will ever need to buy another base product. This is everything I've ever wanted and more. I use it with every look I do except with neutral looks.
You can use it all over your body (be aware that a few shades shouldn't be used on the face or lip areas).
You can mix and match colors, create your own shades and experiment as long as you want with this.
It will definitely last you a lifetime so if you can get this!!

Although I am very happy with this, I would LOOOOOOVE to try and compare this with the Inglot gel liners which come in a variety of shades and I almost lost my mind when I found out that they are waterproof as well!

L-R: Gold ; Coral ; Turquoise ; Fuschia ; Yellow ; Brown
L-R: Gold ; Coral ; Turquoise ; Fuschia ; Yellow ; Brown
L-R: Silver ; White ; Red ; Bright Blue ; Leaf Green ; Black
L-R: Silver ; White ; Red ; Bright Blue ; Leaf Green ; Black

The video is being uploaded on youtube and will be available shortly :)


  1. I have been eyeing this for a while, but like you said the price is kind of crazy, thats whats stopping me. And you would think for the price that it would come in better packaging

  2. Wow, the turquoise, coral and yellow are beautiful!

  3. I have wanted this for the LONGEST time!!! The only reason why I haven't bought it is because it's so pricey...if it goes on sale lol (which I doubt it will) I will buy it...until then I will admire it from afar.

  4. great review,beautiful colours I want it!

  5. I really love this review, it's super informative and the swatches are amazing, thank you so much for this :) <3

  6. Thank you so much for doing a review on this. I've wanted one forever, but I just wasn't sure... Now I am --I want it! HA!


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  8. Oh I want this so badly. The colours are so intense. Thank you for the great, indepth review! :)

  9. Super expensive, but I caved and just went out and got it anyway. It's amazing!!! I use it over UDPP, and it adds such great color to my eyeshadows. I love using the silver under my purple shadows to make them sparkly. And I also use the black a lot to wear under my Sugarpill Bulletprrof, which is pretty much my everyday look...