Friday, 3 June 2011

Dive In Now!

Hello Biuties!
I'm back to my colorful self!
Its been so hot lately all I want to do is dive in a swimming pool or in the sea but we've been so busy we don't even have time for a quick dive :(
Anyways, here's the look and I hope you enjoy :)
For more pictures and the list of products used click below!

MUFE Flash Color bases in "Bright Blue" Fuschia" and "White"
Inglot matte eyeshadows 
#379 (dark lavender)
#371 (bright turquoise)
#372 (Mint/teal)
Manly 120 palette : matte dark green and dark blue eyeshadows
Random black eyeshadow
MAC Careblend pressed powder
L'Oreal superliner
NYX "Sapphire" eyeliner pencil
MAC "Feline" kohl pencil

MAC "Amazon Princess" blusher
MAC "Sweet As Cocoa" blusher
MAC Careblend pressed powder

MAC "Velvetella" lipliner
MAC "Candy Yum Yum" lipstick
MAC "Athena's Kiss" lipglass

 I didn't go out with the bold lips I just felt the need to tone down the look a bit so I went for a neutral lips, come to think about it I would love to try this look with orange lipstick!!!

-Lips #2-
MAC "Mocha" lipstick
NYX "Tea Rose" mega shine lipgloss



  1. TThis is gorgeous... I love both looks. You just reminded me that I need to show my Inglot Matte shdows some love lol.

  2. I love this with both lip colours, it's gorgeous! xo

  3. Your eyes look amazing, the colours are so vivid and 3-D, you really could dive into that turquoise!

    You're very talented and I love your FOTDs x

  4. Wow, you are absolutely STUNNING. I love everything about this look! Great job :D

  5. Oh yes girl..YES!

    You look so fierce it's not even funny. STUNNING!

  6. I LOVE it!!! Especially with the pink lips. You look darling!

  7. This is gorgeous! Flawless! Definitely love it with the bright lips :)

  8. Thank you ladies! I have to say this is one of my favorite looks, its so me lol!

  9. super gorgeous!! I love it!! you're makin me wanna bust out my 120 palette & do some magic... LOL

  10. Super cute.. your skin is awesome.. so flawless

  11. I love it with the bright pink lip, and the pop of purple on the inner corner is so cute :3

  12. Beautiful! I love your lips in the first look, how I regret not getting Candy Yum Yum :P

  13. Gorgeous, now i want to put bright shadows on! <3

  14. I love love love your make up! a real colour boost :) nice blog, girl!

  15. I am a nutcase of your waouw make-up it is too beautiful

  16. soo pretty.. the colours are really nice.. xx

  17. love the cyy lip!! fuyah!! how do u keep the mufe flash colors from creasing?

  18. Oh.. my.. god.. your amazing..your makeup looks amazing.. and You look amazing.. and amazing pictures.. im impressed and deffo a new follower!! xx

  19. Hi, I love your blog. Please check out mine and subscribe, I post every weekend :) Happy blogging!