Thursday, 12 May 2011

Shop My Stash...

Hello Biuties!
Rated R is such a pretty color and I am ashamed of saying that it probably has only been used once :(
It came out with the "Love That Look" MAC collection in  July 2009 and I remember how in love I was with the eyeshadows. Pigmented beyond belief and I still think they are the best e/s MAC has ever made!!!
So I had to pick it up and vow to make my brushes twirl and dance in it at least once a week!!
  • It is a mustardy green (green with yellow undertones) when used on it own or on a white base
  • When used with a yellow base it gets deeper and the yellow undertone truly comes out
  • With a green base it becomes a true vibrant chartreuse green color
  • A black base will turn this eyeshadow into a foiled antique gold color, so pretty!
L-R: Rated R no base; on top of a white base; on top of a yellow base; on top of a green base. TOP: Rated R on top of a black base
 A few comparisons:
L-R (no base): Rated R; Lucky Green; Goldmine
L-R (no base): Rated R; Lucky Green; Goldmine
Have you shopped your stash lately? What did you find?

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