Monday, 2 May 2011

Shop my stash...

Hello Biuties!
I was playing around in my makeup this weekend and picked up a few products I had forgotten a bit about...
Within those products was this blusher right here and I instantly remembered why I had bought it.
Band Of Roses is a mineralize duo blush which came out last year with the "In The Groove" collection.

Click below for more pictures and of course swatches!

I'm definitely not a fan of mineralize products just because they usually have sparkle in them.
However Band Of Roses has such a beautiful sheen and the color payoff is amazing. The sparkles don't bother me as I can't see them once applied on my face so that's a definite plus!
Blended together
I'm so glad I got bored and decided to have a browse in my own shop, so worth it! And I'll definitely be wearing this blusher a lot more!


  1. Very beautiful color when blended! Love it! I agree...mineralize products seem to have way too much sparkle for my liking.

  2. Oooh! The colors are GORGEOUS individually AND together! I love finding new loves in my old stash too! :D

  3. I have this blush, but everytime I wear it makes my cheeks break out...BOO!!