Wednesday, 18 May 2011

MAC "Surf,Baby!" collection thoughts & dupes...

Hello Biuties!
The previous post was just about showing the products and the swatches but now its time to share my though on everything I got.

For pictures and swatches of all the products its here!

As a whole I think the collection is suitable to every skintone out there, it has a good balance of colorful and neutral/toned down shades. It being a "summer" collection you obvioulsy get a lot of golds, corals and bronzers but also a hint of flashy color.

Before getting into what I picked up lets check out what was left behind:
  • Pigments and crushed metallic pigments: I'm not really a pigment person to start of with, I have 1 pigment by MAC and hardly use it (Melon); I also have crushed metallic pigment and don't really use them as I just find them too chunky...
  • Powerpoint eye pencils: I just don't want to pay that much for pencils to be honest and I already have quite a lot so I kind of never pick up any MAC pencil... (except "Feline" or "Smolder" as I just love their intensity)
  • Nail lacquers: Again I just find MAC's nail polishes too expensive and not very good quality overall, they can sometimes be great and other times be horrible to work with, so best to skip them all together.
  • Suntints liquid lip balms: I don't really see the point of these, apparently they aren't pigmented and although they contain some spf in them I rather keep my cash!
  • Bronzing powder: I think that if you want to get a bronzer you have to be able to test it first as you want to get the shade right. I can't test them so I'm not buying, plus I don't really care for bronzers.
  • Skinsheen bronzer sticks: As explained above I don't care for bronzers at all plus I hate cream products, I just find that they don't suit me in general so I didn't bother with these
I don't know why the UK website doesn't sell the makeup bags from this collection but the french website does and I was tempted to get them but nah, I already have enough of those!

Enough about the dislikes, lets get into the heat of the collection!

.... Lipsticks....

  • I got Mocha (peachy yellow-brown) as I thought it would look great on me with a lighter lipglass and I was so right! I love this and it is soooo pigmented and opaque! I also love the fact that its a permanent so if I like it too much I can still buy another one.
L-R: MAC Mocha ; MUA Shade #11 ; Revlon Colorburst lipstick "Rosy Nude"
  1. The other lipstick I got was Hibiscus (bright orange coral), I never try coral lipsticks and I just thought I'd give this one a try. It has great pigmentation and I wish it would have the same finish as Mocha but I still love it the way it is :)
MAC "Hisbiscus" ; NYX "Femme"
I wanted to get Burt out! (dirty midtone violet) but I read it was very close to Up the Amp so I skipped it.

  • I am very happy to report that I could not find in my stash a shade like Krazy Kahuna, nothing came close to it! I love it when I can't find a dupe and this lipglass is so pigmented and opaque, just my kind of product!!


  • Saffron is a really pretty color and buildable! At first you think its not pigmented but when you start to build up the color it is gorgeous! Beautiful sheen as well. 
L-R: MAC Saffron ; Inglot DS464 ; MAC Raizin blusher ; Beauty UK #3 blusher
  • Surf USA is such a pretty teal color! The sheen is what makes this product so popular and the pigmentation is crazy!!! Gorgeous color, GET IT!
L-R: MAC Surf USA ; Inglot M372 ; DS 504 ; MAC Newly Minted
  • I am also very happy to say that I could not find a dupe for Sun Blonde! At this point I am pretty happy with myself lol!
Sun Blonde
 ...Face Products...
  •  My Paradise is a dark coral blusher with a golden spray of a design. I hate that overspray! It is very sparkly and sparkly and me don't match! On the other side  the coral color is gorgeous! I have nothing that looks like this even within the eyeshadows so I'm pretty happy to have gotten it. It should be said that the 2 shades mixed together give such a pretty color! on the lid this would look great for sure and still no dupes for it! I think I'll have to rub part of the overspray off because I just can't use that as a blusher.
Coral side ; Gold overspray ; the 2 mixed together
  •  Lush-Light Bronze Studio careblend pressed powder was bought just because I love my careblend pressed powder in Dark. Lush-Light Bronze is very close to my skintone but a tad bit darker and a bit redder as well. It would look really well as neutral blusher or a subtle contouring powder. I still love it!

That's all!
What will you/have you picked from this collection?


  1. did you go to the prerelease party? i am dying for the blush, it looks really nice.

  2. @KayKay No I didn't go to the prerelease parties unfortunately but I got everything online as its already out in Europe. And the blush is gorgeous!!

  3. I am on the fence if I want to order anything.

  4. Great post!! will be checking out hibiscus,surf usa and my paradise blush to compare with La femme coral, if its not close then will definetly be getting it.

    check out my blog

  5. awesome haul,I want Hibiscus and the blush lol

  6. This collection is a lot of fun! I went to the unveiling at my local MAC and I had such a good time and bought quite a few things! My favorite part is that the Professional Artist Discount worked on this collection, when normally it doesn't apply to special packaged products. BTW... I LOVE my polishes from the collection. Try em out again, maybe you will change your mind.