Tuesday, 31 May 2011

MAC Prolongwear Foundation Review

Hello Biuties!
I know that this review has been long overdue but rather late than never right!
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MAC says:
A long-wear foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies smoothly to provide sheer to medium coverage. Even in hot and humid conditions, controls oil to keep skin fresh, natural and flawless. Provides everyday SPF protection.

Pro Longwear Foundation

{ LOVE }
  • The coverage: A lot of people say that it is medium coverage but on me I find that it gives medium to full coverage. I also think that although it is lighter than the studio fix fluid (which to me is quite a thick formula) it gives me better and fuller coverage than its sister.
  • Longevity: This foundation stays on all day! I live in a really humid and hot place and despite that the foundation doesn't melt and stays put no matter what! When I sweat I no longer have to worry about my foundation melting and leaving streaks all over my face which is such a relief! I can wipe my face with a tissue and know that the foundation won't rub off. Heaven! 
  • Something that should also be said is that since I have oily skin it isn't easy to keep the oily T-zone oil free for longer than 3 hours but with this foundation I can go on for 4-5 hours without needing much of a touch up and this is major!
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    { LIKE }
    • Feel:  the foundation feels quite soft on the face although sometimes I feel like I have foundation on (if that makes any sense). Its nice but can become sticky at times. I'm not one to rub my face all day long so it doesn't really bother me. You actually feel the foundation hold on to you skin at first but then you kind of get used to it.
    • The formula: it is super creamy, lighter than the Studio Fix Fluid and heavier than the Select liquid foundations. The fact that it only has a SPF10 definitely doesn't bother me and
    • The pump: This foundation comes with a pump already fitted to the bottle. The pump is the same style as MAC Fix+ sprays (and probably others of theirs bottles). I think this is such a great initiative from mac, it saves you spending 3 for the pump and is a lot more practical. I wish MAC gets the message and does that with every liquid foundation they do or will come up with.

    { HATE }
    • The pigmentation: As you can see from the pictures there is quite a difference between the various foundation despite the fact that in theory they are all the same shade (NC50). I was very surprised to see how "red" and dark the foundation was compared to my other foundations. Sometimes I think that it looks to red on me but other times it looks ok. I sometimes need to mix it up with a tiny bit of Studio Fix Fluid to balance the colour and hate doing that just because when I spend good money on a foundation I want it to be right and don';t want to have to "work" to make it right. Word of caution though, some people say that missing this foundation with others changes its consistency and it just ends up looking weird, fortunately I don't have this experience (yet?).
    • Removal: Taking this foundation off is quite a pain for me. It is set so strongly onto my face I need 3 to 5 makeup removing wipes to take it all of plus cleansing lotion and a wash. I usually only need 2 wipes and a wash...
    • Application: once on, this foundation dries so so fast. In order to spread it evenly and blend it well into the skin you have to work pretty fast or else it dries and gets harder to spread or blend.  Unless you have super speed powers or you are a master of makeup application its best to work in sections that way you get more control over the application and blend.

    { LOATHE }

    Nothing! Nada! Rien!

    { OVERALL }
    The best foundation I've ever used hands down! 
    Coverage is great as well as the formula but the #1 reason this foundation is one of the best in my eyes is the longevity. Despite the humidity and heat it stays on all day, doesn't easily rub off and doesn't melt.
    Despite the odd pigmentation this foundation has a good formula, feels good on the skin and the blottle comes with a bonus: a pump!
    I definitely would recommend anyone to give this a try. If you are a WOC (Woman Of Color) and have been looking at all of those longwear foundations by drugstore brands that only do shades for lighter skin tones (like Bourgois 10h sleep foundation) give this one a go, chances are you won't regret it!

    L-R: MAC Studio Fix Fluid ; MAC Select SPF15 ; MAC Pro
    ; MUFE HD foundation
    L-R: MAC Studio Fix Fluid ; MAC Select SPF15 ; MAC Pro Longwear ; MUFE HD foundation
    L-R: MAC Pro Longwear ; MAC Studio Fix Fluid ; MAC Select SPF15  ; MUFE HD foundation


    1. Great Review. I have this foundation and love it! I actually use my fingers to apply it and found that it applies better that way as opposed to using a foundation brush. To remove, I use Cetaphil which takes it right off or you could use ponds cold cream. Love love love this foundation. For something so long wearing it looks really natural

    2. Such a brilliant review! I've never thought about purchasing this foundation but I will save up now to get it. I hate how MAC foundation colours vary though in the foundations even if they may be the same shade. I hope my colour is consistent as I buy MAC online, cba to travel to the counters lol. x

    3. great review,thanx very much I may check it out