Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ebay Fuckery of The Day #3!

Hello Biuties!
This is our last Ebay Fuckery instalment but only for a few weeks...
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mmhhhh... and the design is hideous! I guess some people are ready to pay £10 for this plus shipping...


Now we all know that 98% of MAC brushes on ebay are fake but this is just ridiculous! If someone sells a brand new set of "MAC" brushes for £36 and free international shipping there's  something not quite right... This seller has sold 29 sets already and has 5 left!!!


Just look at it... do I have to say more?? lol


This one has just got me speechless... and it actually does say MAC on the side of the tube lol

And the #1 fuckery of the day is...

Everyone knows what limited edition products look like so I really don't understand how someone could be ready to pay £10 for this when it clearly doesn't look anything like the real ones! They copied the box right but the resemblance stops there!

See you in a few weeks for more fuckeries!


  1. The eyeshadow alone made me giggle my socks off. I love these posts! They're fantastic!x

  2. OMG that wonder woman palette has to be the worst!

  3. OMG this is sad. I really laughed when I saw these but it makes me so mad that I've actually purchased so many fake MAC items. These people really need to stop!!!

  4. Wow...I never realized the trouble people go thru to imitate MAC and whats even sadder is that there are people out there who actually fall for this stuff!