Saturday, 9 April 2011

Top 10 Green eyeshadows

Hello Biuties!

I thought I'd start a series about my favorite products! I've seen a few posts and videos like this and wanted to share as well.
I love these posts as I can extend my wishlist even more (as though that list isn't long enought) lol

Green is my least favorite color so I wanted to get this one out of the way first until I realised how much gorgeous greens I actually have.
Anyways here are my favorite!
For the list of products, pictures and swatches click below!
Top L-R: MAC Sumptious Olive ; MAC Newly Minted
Bottom L-R: MAC Lucky Green ; Inglot Pearl 418
  1. Sumptuous Olive is veluxe pearl "subdued khaki with metallic coat". It is a great color for natural looks and the metallic brown undercoat is a so unique! GET IT
  2. Newly Minted is a matte vibrant green color, reminds me of salad lol!
  3. Lucky Green is a veluxe pearl lime green, it has a beautiful yellow gold sheen and of course extremely pigmented! You can't go wrong with this shade... Definitely a must have!
  4. Pearl 418 is another pearl finish dark green again the sheen brings out the gorgeous shade !
L-R: MAC Lucky Green ; Sumptuous Olive ; Newly Minted ; Inglot Pearl 418

L-R: MUA Shade #14 ; Sugarpill Midori
  1. Shade #14 is a dark green pearl finish eyeshadow, its such a unique color I don't really know how to describe it... sometimes it looks green, sometimes its blue... But for £1 get it!
  2. Midori is a vibrant green with a slightly pearl sheen, its almost matte though. SOOOO pigmented it will blow your mind!! Another green you shouldn't be allowed to live without...
L-R: Surgarpill Midori ; MUA shade#14

Sleek palettes: Safari ; Jewels ; Curious
First of all I'm sorry that all these greens are from Sleek limited editions palettes, I didn't realise until it was kind of too late to change :(
You can still get dome of these on ebay though!
  1. The Safari palette has a silvery green color, the duo tone of this color is so beautiful, great for a night out smoky look with a darker green or a simple black eyeshadow.
  2. The Jewels palette has a dark metallic green, the color look great combined with a dark gold eyeshadow or just a nice dark brown
  3. The Curious palette has 2 beautiful greens. The first one is a bluesy green, some say its blue, others claim its green; for me its in the middle so I can call it a green color. For some the sheen may be too much but I thinks it add to the uniqueness of the color. The other green color is a dark bronzy green. It looks like it has gold undertones and I need to get a look based around this one, such a pretty shade!!
L-R: Jewels palette ; Curious palette (x2) ; Safari palette

This should have been in the top 10 but as usual I kind of forgot about it so its having its own slot in the Bonus section!
Manly 120 color palette
This is such a nice deep green, I use it every single time i do a green look to deepen a color or just on its own to add a vibrant pop of color!
Manly 120 color palette

Am I missing any great greens out there?


  1. I LOVE sumptuous olive!.. lucky green seems pretty though, thanks for sharing hun.

  2. sumptuous olive was my first mac shadow ever!

  3. Olá lindas suas makes addc aos seus favoritos ok!Big bjoooo!
    Cris Brasil.

  4. Oh so pretty!! I love green eyeshadow. Do pink next!!

  5. pretty coror♥
    It is worth having a look at.

  6. I actually have a thing for that green in the 120 palette. Beautiful color! Xo