Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Professionails nail polishes

Hello Biuties!
Last month I went to a makeup exhibition here and discovered this brand. They specialize in nails, hand and footcare for the professional manicurist, pedicurist and nail stylist in particular but anyone can get a hold of their products really.
I believe its a Belgian company as their headquaters is there and not only do they distribute and sell nail products they also do training courses.
Anyways here are a few polishes I got:
L-R: 237 ; 233 .236
L-R: 237 ; 233 .236
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It is such a shame these don't have names! They deserve so much better! lol
They are pigmented, longlasting and at £8 each pretty affordable.

L-R: 237 ; 233 .236
  • #237 is a dark turquoise color very pigmented, with 2 coats you get a gorgeous end result!
  • #233 is a bright coral color
  • #236 is a perfect nude color it stayed on my nails for 2 whole weeks and it actually still looked good!
L-R: 237 ; 233 .236
The best thing is that they have so many colors its unreal!
They do glitters, stickers, nail art brushes and polishes
Always coming out with new collections and shades, just check out some of their visuals and of course their  


  1. Those are some really pretty colors and they also have some really great designs.

  2. Beautiful colors!! =) Is this the same Pro Nails as ?