Monday, 25 April 2011

Mac Haul

Hello Biuties!
This is a haul of a few things I got recently from MAC and i just thought I'd share!

*Quite Cute collection*
I love the name of this collection its cute and girly however its not really for WOC. The colors are just too pale and light and only a few products would look good on us.
I picked up Candy Yum Yum and Girl (Hearts) Boy
  • Candy Yum Yum is a very vibrant and bright neon pink with a matte finish; I loooooove this color! It is so bright and for a lover of bright colors this is a must have!!!
  • Girl (Hearts) Boy is a light blue pink plushglass and I have to confess I got this mainly for the name LOL. I like the color, I'm not crazy for it but I'll make it work... somehow...
I was tempted by the lipliners but I can get some cheaper than MAC ones so I skipped these and the nail polishes were sooo tempting but I really don't like MAC nail polishes and I can get the same shades for cheaper somewhere else...

L: Girl (Hearts) Boy Plushglass    R: Candy Yum Yum lipstick
To check out the rest click below
L: Candy Yum Yum lipstick    R: Girl (Hearts) Boy Plushglass
L-R: Candy Yum Yum (MAC) Corrupt (Illamasqua) Petals & Peacocks (MAC) Pink Friday (MAC)
*Jeanius collection*
A collection that I should have proberly skipped... Not crazy about the colors, found out I had dupes and I'll probably be selling some of these on :(
L: Riveting Rose lipstick      R: Indigo Pink lipglass
  • Riveting Rose lipstick is a deep burgundy color with blue pearls. Its a very pretty color but again I could get the same effect with other lipsticks that I've got.
  • Indigo Pink lipglass is also a burgundy color and unfortunately I have the exact same color but under a different name :(
L-R: Riveting Rose  Captive  Violetta  Tribalist (all MAC lipsticks)
L-R: Indigo Pink (MACOn Display (MACFemme Fatale (Sinful Colors
  •  Overdyed is a bright fuchsia satin finish blush, its definitely bright but not as pigmented as I would like. A good dupe for this could propably be BarryM blushers however I have to say that the sheen on this is beautiful so its a keeper!
Overdyed blusher

 I picked up Goldenrod and Ricepaper.
  • Goldenrod is a orangy yellow, I first noticed it on a video I watched on youtube and I had no idea this color even existed. From the name I thought it was a golden shimmery eyeshadow or something like that but I was so wrong! Love this color!
  • I don't think I need to talk about Ricepaper, all I can say is GET IT!!!!!
L: Goldenrod    R: Ricepaper

I have the Pro Longwear foundation so I tought it was only natural to try the concealer as well!
I also got the Studio Finish concealer which I've heard so much about just to test it out.
Pro Longwear concealer NC50  Studio Finish concealer NC45
I've run out of Studio Fix foundation last year in may and didn't want to buy a new one as I was testing other foundations out at that time  but I've been missing it so much lately I had to get it back :)

I ran out of my blot powder so I thought I'd try something new and picked up Studio Careblend pressed powder can be used on its own or as a setting powder. I'm not really sure how I feel about this yet but so far so good, it has a nice coverage for a powder however it kind of feels heavy on the face.
I also got 3 bottles of the brush cleanser (yeah i never want to run out of it ever again!!) I had to use MUFE's one until the MAC store got their back in stock and it was a very long wait!!!
And to finish a picked up some makeup removing wipes, never tried MAC ones so bot a box of 100.


And Happy Easter to everyone!!!


  1. awesome haul,i love it all!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Easter to u too hun

  2. loved the products you bought!

  3. I've never tried Stuido Fix Fluid, but I hear lots of good things about it? How's the coverage? And does the SPF create a whitecast at all?

  4. Thank you ladies!
    @widdlesh I love this foundation, its normal to full coverage and there's no white forecast from what I have experienced. :)

  5. Great haul! Candy Yum Yum looks so pretty!

  6. I STILL want Violetta! I'm so upset that I passed on it on the VV collection! And I'm liking the swatch of captive too! Nice haul! :) Xo

  7. Hey great reviews btw why not save money on mac brush cleaner by using baby shampoo? It's gentle yet effective at cleaning makeup brushes x