Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Focus on... NYX Pencils

Hello Biuties!!!
I thought I'd start a new series called "Focus On..." where I'll highlight a particular product or brand that I have been loving and just feel like sharing what has been in my must haves!

For now lets make room for NYX eye/eyebrow pencils!
NYX probably has every single shade available!
I love the range of colors and the finishes as well. Some are matte and others are shimmery and last quite a long time! 
But most importantly they are so easy to apply, very creamy (some a bit too much), extremely pigmented  and affordable.
Not every brand offer such an range of shade and that is what drew me in!
I am addicted and I have to confess that I no longer pick up my GOSH pencils since I've got these and GOSH's pencils are pretty amazing!!

I really think they are worth a look and a try!

Now onto my favorite part: swatches!!!
Top L-R: Sapphire; Electric Blue; Sapphire; Teal; Acid Green; Emerald City; Purple; Citrine; Baby Pink; Coral; Hot Red; Yellow
Bottom L-R: Orange; Bloom; Fuschia; Deep Red; Cafe; Velvet; Auburn; Medium Brown; Black Brown; Black Berry; White 

There also has to be a mention for their lipliners as well!
95% of my lipliners are NYX and I have no complaint whatsoever! 
They last all day on me, are very smooth and creamy and again there are plenty of colors to choose from!
Top L-R: Mauve; Coffee; Cabaret; Plush Red; Pinky; Current
Bottom L-R: Mahogani; Deep Purple; Prune; Cappuccino; Chestnut; Hot Cocoa

So go on and have a look at these products they are definitely worth your time I promise!
I get mine from Cherry Culture at  really good prices and they do ship internationally as well at a reasonable price!! 



  1. After seeing this post, I ordered six NYX lip lineres. Thank youuuuu for sharing!



  2. thats some cool shit <3

    Mele, Australia


  3. I bought a couple of their eye liner and I love them.I need to buy a few more colors in the near future.


  4. I love NYX pencils!
    I particularly love the lipliners. My fave shade is Natural!

  5. I just ordered a bunch from Cherry Culture during their sale! So psyched to get them.

  6. I Love NYX Pencils, Thanks for sharing those swatches :)

  7. Oh, I had a question, actually, that you might know the answer to: are any NYX eye pencils lip safe? I imagine they aren't /all/ lip safe across the board. I read somewhere that a few of them are, but not which ones!