Friday, 29 April 2011

Ebay Fuckery of The Day!

Hello Biuties!
Yes I know its been a while and this is why I'll be posting Top 5 Ebay fuckeries for the next 3 days!! 
I'm generous like that lol
So lets get started with today's top 5
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 Wow! I love the "MAC" written on each shade! lol And someone has actually bid on it... its for sale for £9.99 at the moment... Anyone interested?


 I really don't know what to say... MAC Lady Gaga eyeshadow palette... And look at that excuse of a brush LMAO!


 At first I had no idea what exactly was on this picture, then I realized they were actually small balls in which the product is supposed to be. Apparently you get 5 "liplustre lipglasses" (as described by the seller) and wait for it... you get a brush and a mirror as well!! 
Can you believe it already has 5 bids...


 My little finger tells me everything here is faaaaaaaake! Look at that makeup bag, it looks like they actually just put a sticker on there lol. And the kohl pencil definitely doesn't look like a MAC product and neither does that "powder eye shadow" box lol. Can you believe the seller is asking £35 for this... and 3 people have already bid... shame!

And today's #1 fuckery is...

 I swear sometimes I tell myself there must be another legitimate cosmetic brand called MAC and we just don't know about it yet... pure fuckery right here!!

See you tomorrow for more fuckeries!

Quick side note: Who will be watching the royal wedding?
I'm a sucker for weddings so I will definitely put my alarm on to watch, its definitely overhyped but I love weddings ;)


  1. aww I love these posts honey,keep them coming please I never trust ebay with certain thigs.I would rather go t Mac counter pay more&buy real thing than buy these fake stuff,they even look ridiculous...goodness knows what was used to make those products!!!!!

    Those sellers must e put to shame!!!!Feel sorry
    for the people them that buy&bid lol

    I saw some FAKE LADY GAGA LIPSTICKS e other day in numbers 1-10 hehe I LMAO

  2. The rest of that villain make up does look authentic though .__.
    But I can't believe people actually bid on that crap..
    My friend was going to buy these MAC Hello Kitty Brushes, and I thought wtf. FAKE D:<
    And the seller was asking about a 110 sterling

  3. I loveee these posts! Make me laugh! I also learn something from these posts as I am not good at all at differentiating from fake MAC products and real! xx

  4. I absolutely love these posts!

    The boxes on the V.V items are really weird sizes - I can't believe people are buying this stuff!

  5. Girl let the world know!!! Terrible man!

  6. lmfao this made my day!!! I got a really good laugh from this post.

  7. I love these posts! I must say, the Hello Kitty palette did make me laugh!x

  8. I think the Hello kitty is the WORSE. What idiot would purchase those?