Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ebay Fuckery of The Day #2!

Hello Biuties!!
Another day and more nonesence has been detected!
Today its all about the eyes...
Click below for top 5!

This picture alone tells me something is wrong! But if you check out the rest of them pictures you will be blown away by the scale of the fakeness lol, Despite that 2 people have already bud on it...


The picture says it all... but the most shocking part is the price:£18 for this plus you'll have to pay a ridiculous $10 to get it posted if you live outside of the US...


The top of that palette looks nasty with them orange dots! This is supposed to be from the Graphic Garden collection yet the box has a leopard print on it... talk about confusion! 


This got me laughing so much! The tube looks like a Maybelline mascara painted in black with a MAC sticker in the middle! Plus that box is just too funny with those smoldering eyes... Fakeness in all of its glory!

And the #1 ebay fuckery of the day is...

 This is #1 because first of all the packaging is beyond horrendous! Even if it wasn't MAC I wouldn't buy it just because of the packaging alone!
But the funniest thing is what is written on the side of the box: "Zoom Lash Mascara"and next to it is written "Rouge a Levres" which is french for lipstick... 
Talk about confused, ugly and totally fake!

That's all for today! 
See you tomorrow for our last episode for this week!

Side note: Have you watched the royal wedding? 
I have and it was so beautiful, I completely got sucked into the whole hype of it lol
Anyways Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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