Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sleek- "Avoir La Peche" collection haul

Hello Biuties!
A few days ago I did a post and look inspired by this collection and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the actual palette! Of course I had to get the rest of the collection for blogging purposes (officially...)
As you can see the collection includes a Pout Polish (Sugar May); a blush (Pan Tao); and an eyeshadow palette (Paraguaya)
I have to warn you that this is an extremely pic heavy post!!!!
For a lot more pictures and swatches click below!
-The palette-
So far I like: "Redstone" "Persimmon" and "Tangelo" e/s
So far I hate: "Bellini" and "Sandstone"

-The blush-
This definitely looks like Nars "Gilda" blusher!! Pretty pretty pretty!!!

-Pout polish-

What I think:

I absolutely love this collection!
Love the colors and I think that this might be one of their strongest palettes. 
The mix between shimery and mate eyeshadows is on point, the colors are pigmented without being too powdery and of course for the price you can't go wrong.

Also I do quite like the fact that with this palette you don't get a black e/s like all the previous palettes. The dark brown color really complements the rest and I can't wait to dip my brushes in the palette and share!

The blush is so beautiful and the best thing is that it isn't too ashy on darker skin tones.

To finish I like the pout polish, this is the first time I buy any of their pout polishes and so far I am quite surprised of how pigmented they are... a review will definitely have to be done!

What do you think of the collection and what did you or are you planning to get if anything?


  1. That pout polish looks amazing ! I feel like that should be my first sleek product !

  2. i LOVE the blush and that pout polish!

  3. great haul love!!love it all didnt get the palette thought I have dupes in their Good girl palette,the blush I passed as well but I grabbed the pout polish.

    Their pout polishes are simply the best,love them

  4. I really want to try some Sleek products out, but that shipping price kills me!

  5. I ordered the Paraguaya palette, still waiting for it to arrive. Now you have me lemming Pan Tao too! lol

  6. The colours look fab - will keep my eyes open for these

  7. My haul arrived yesterday. I've swatched and taken photos of everything (which will be on the blog this weekend!). I absolutely love EVERYTHING about it. And I'm so glad they are giving the eye shadows names now!

  8. I want it!! It looks so warm and radiant. love that blush color as well

  9. awesome post! love the colors, perfect for summer!