Saturday, 12 March 2011

MUFE haul

Hello Biuties!

Up to yesterday I was a MUFE virgin!!
I was really in need of a brush cleanser so I decided to check out my local MUFE boutique.
Of course I got things that I wasn't planning on buying! lol
Anyways here's what I got that definitely wasn't planned!!

MUFE 12 Flash Colors
These are perfect to use as a base. I have heard so much about these so I had to pick it up.
This is definitely on the expensive side but there is a lot of product and I know it will last me a long time!
Stay tuned for a review probably sometime next month...

MUFE HD liquid foundation
 Shall I say more? 
I think I'm the last person on the planet to test this out! Lol

And finally I got the brush cleanser that I desperately needed!
This smells soooo bad, the smell of the alcohol is sickening but I need it and we'll see how it works for me...
The lady in the shop also gave me a makeup remover sample... we'll see how that works for me. If I like i may go ahead and buy the bigger bottle as finding a good makeup remover for me is like impossible since I've been here!

I'm quite happy with what I got, the hubby saw the ticket through the bag and just gave me "the look" and later on tonight I'm sure I'll have "the talk"... Lol



  1. I wanted that flash color palette for a while but that price tag is what prevented me from buying. For the record, you are not the last person who hasn't tried that HD foundation......I think I now hold that title lol.

  2. Nice haul! :) I want to know how you feel about all these products.

  3. **wipes drool off face** great haul!! MUFE is my most fave brand everrrrrr... & I've been wanting to get that 12 flash color palette but it's just wayyy too much for my broke pocket so I'll just continue droolin over your blog post... LOL...

  4. oh btw, I'm crazy about the HD foundation... it's my HG!! how do u like it??

  5. Great haul,lov it all their foundation &primer r gr8