Tuesday, 15 March 2011

IMATS you say?!?

Well... not really!
When I went to MUFE last week, the sales lady and I got to talk makeup and I told her I had a blog and everything and she sent me an invitation to the 12th Salon de la Beauté "Black Beauty".
Its kind of a version of the IMATS but a lot less Grand!
I was so surprised I didn't even know that it was happening and the best news is that I don't have to wait to long to attend...
it's this weekend!!!!

I'm so so excited!
There are roughly around 50 brands and shops which range from makeup to hair, accesories, nails, dietitians and lots more.
So I'll definitely have a look and enjoy my time and I already have a few brands I know I will have to check out (MUFE, Sleek, Bourjois).
There are also brands that I know of but have never tried (Black Opal, Milani, Nacara) so its definitely a great opportunity to check out these brands and others that I didn't know existed.
I'll of course take picture, swatches and most definitely buy!!!

I still need to find someone reasonable to come with me though... 


  1. For sure try out Black Opal and Milani they make great stuff!!

  2. Thanks! I'm definitely excited to try these ones out!