Friday, 11 March 2011

Ebay Fuckery of the week!

This week its not about ebay but about I website I found that sell everything "MAC"... Or so you think!

Click here to check out the webstite, it looks just like Amazon its unsettling!
Have a browse, have fun and here are the top 5 most ridiculous "MAC" items for sale!

Its a Venomous Vilain Mascara!!!! 
Its got the curve and the design but that formula doesn't even look good!!!

Its a 2 in 1 MAC product, a lipgloss AND a mascara just because during the day you might want to touch up your lipgloss and of course your mascara at the same time right?!!!

First of all this looks nasty... and the box even has a picture of the product... so MAC-like!!!
Urgh! They should be ashamed!!!

Who knew hei!!! 
LOL just WOW!!!!

And the #1 Fuckery of the Week!!
Ohhh that shape!! 
And what the hell is a "contrast powder"!!

See you next week for more "huh?" moments and let me know if you find anything interesting on the site!



  1. i love these posts so much, glad you are back!
    i found some lovely mac vv 10 shadow palettes on ebay!


    what the **** is a printing baking powder haha

  3. girl these post be having me laughing just because I know there is some fool out there that has bought this crap!

  4. These posts crack me up!!! What dummy would fall for this stuff.

  5. haha I actually LOL'd at each one!xo

  6. Im so glad that you are back!... Ebay friday furckeries are the best!... The Venomous Vilain Mascara really make me laugh omg!

  7. found another website full of amazing rubbishness
    i especially love the "mac" nail polishes