Wednesday, 9 March 2011

All I want is a brush cleanser...

Hello Biuties!!!

MAC and me are having some kind of crisis...
I was sooo delighted when I moved to find out that I could order on MAC's french website and get my stuff delivered to my front door. I tried it once, it arrived within 2 days and I was so pleased that comfort was just a few clicks away.
Now since i had bought a lot of makeup before leaving England I didn't need anything from MAC until a few weeks ago.

I'm running out of brush cleanser as you can see from the picture and that is all I want to order.
So I do my usual clicking dance and there goes the MAC website telling me that my postcode is "invalid"... 
Furious I call up MAC and ask if they no longer deliver here... I let you guess what the sad answer as :(

So I decided to send an email to MAC asking them where am I supposed to get MAC products now?! Needless to say that my email hasn't beeen answered. I sent another email a few days a go and still no answer!!!!

Ok I am miles and miles away from France but where I am is part of France and we have exactly the same services, postal service and all that and i just don't understand why so many companies don't ship here its just ridiculous!! I order stuff from England and the states with no problem and its so hard to find a french website that would ship here!! I just can't understand the logic of it.
The US MAC website ships to Hawaii so why is it that the french MAC website doesn't ship here?!!!

Sorry I'm ranting but I'm really pissed of at MAC for this and they better answer me!!!!!!!!!


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  1. i hope you get an answer from them! i would be furious if they werent able to ship to my house or work