Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ebay Fuckery of the week!

The time has come for more eBay nonsense  and as usual its a top 5


Just looking at the case you know its dead cheap! and the case filler lol I just can't!!!It can be yours for the ridiculous price of £40.00 excluding shipping!! BARGAIN!


I think that "unwanted" means "I got screwed and let me pass this one on to some other fool!"
It looks soooo fake and the description makes it worse. For example:
"Shimmertone blusher in pink" she could have invented a name for it or even look on the MAC website for a name!
"Three Aloe Vera Eye/lip Liners In Brown, Pink and Green" aloe vera lip liner???? need I say more?
If you really want to test those eye/lip liners cough out £35.00!


What is NC79??
and it already got 4 bids...really!?


Would you really buy this based on the picture?
It could be any brand for all I know and I just feel insulted that the seller would put up a pic like this! oh and btw faaaaaake!
Some people are just rude!

#1 eBay fuckery of the week....

What can I say?! Its a screw top! LMAO

See you next week for more bargains :))


  1. So many people sell fakes and never get caught on ebay! Shameful! x

  2. Wow...That is why I don't buy from ebay.

  3. Oh my god ! I had missed these posts so much xD ! I used to wait for them every week ! Welcome back hun

  4. What a great post to come back with! Loved it!! The sad thing is there are some ppl that don't even know they're buying big time fakes. :( They think they're wearing Mac, but it's really "Smac".

  5. lol i loveee these posts the last one is a total knockoff

  6. Some knockoffs can be good though! I just bought knock off mac brushes and there really great quality, but the price was only $6 for a set of 12 so it wasn't like I lost a whole lot if they turned out to be junk!

  7. love posts like this. very entertaining. a few of those as really ridiculous though...

  8. LOL oh god it's like they didn't even try XD Aloe Vera lipliner?! The packaging of it all looks so cheap.

  9. This is e reason Im scared of ebay lol these pple need to be caught and brought to shame

  10. Hilarious!I love your E-bay posts.
    Welcome bac kxxx

  11. oh man, i love that screw top eyeshadow lol

  12. Ridiculous! Although MAC used to package eyeshadows in screw top packaging, so the last one's not such a stretch lol. I can't believe people bid on stuff like this!