Sunday, 7 November 2010

Busy busy!

Hello dolls!
I've been so so busy for the past few days as my stuff has finally arrived and I'm busy unpacking it all and figuring out what goes where... 
I'm glad to say that the makeup has been found *sight of relief*, however I haven't opened them up just because I have no where to put them at the moment. 
At the same time I'm still painting my vanity, the paint takes forever to dry so we have to put a coat on every few days :( until then the makeup stays in the boxes and is not budging!

I was going for an IKEA type of vanity. I'm sure you've seen it on plenty of blogs and videos, its the one with the long drawer and with a glass top.

Keep in mind this is only the first coat so its unperfect.
The colour is off-white just because I think that white would be a bit too much
Once its all painted and dry I will have a glass top as well to finish it all off.

I haven't taken any pics of the drawer yet but I will for sure as soon as I clean it up a little :)

This is the vanity while it was being built... you can actually see how big the drawer  is.

I have a great husband who helped me with this and it definitely allowed us to have lots of fun doing this little project. I was a complete novice and had to strip all of the wood with sandpaper and put wholes for the nails and OMG it was hard work!
But I'm nearly done and you shall see the results very soon :)))))

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  1. Glad u nw hav ur makeup up with u hun,hopefully no casualties at all..Anyhoo cant wait to see finished results lol