Sunday, 31 October 2010

...But Where have I been?

Hello biutiful and very patient people!
I hope you are all well and that you have been missing me even a little (ok a lot!)!

I have been gone for so long from the whole blogging scene and to be honest during the time I've been away I haven't been missing it as much as I thought I would.
First of all there is work and doing a video after work when I'm tired and its so hot out there isn't the most appealing thing. Then there is the small matter of space. I don't have a fully fonctional space for me to film or spread out the makeup that I have with me plus not having the rest of the makeup is putting me down as I don't even know the state of them right now.
That's right my container hasn't been delivered to me yet, its been stuck at the port for more than 2 months now and I have been pulling my hair because of this stupid company who for some reason isn't cooperative and can't tell me when will my stuff be delivered :( 
But Friday I finally got good news, everything will be delivered on Wednesday (hopefully) and I can get back to blogging and youtube of course!

I have been preparing myself for this for a while, I've built my own huge vanity with the hubby, it isn't perfect but its a labor of love or something like that lol. 
I also got myself a new camera which can only mean better pictures and videos.
And finally I went ahead and bought myself an imac. The official reason for this is that my laptop can't properly process the pictures as well as the videos I take with the new camera (which is true) but to be honest I fell in love with the machine and I just had to have it... 

Anyways all that to say that I'm back on the blog, and I shall be back on youtube within 2 weeks.
Oh and I'm also back on twitter full time so follow me!

I'm done with all the updates, thank you guys for being very patient and caring, thank you for all the lovely emails and lets get the show back on track!!

PS: Do you like the new banner? is it too "in your face"?


  1. oh loving the banner lol - i think its fine !

  2. I have missed you! I demand an eBay fuckery post =D


  3. Ugh what a headache D: I'm glad you're back though!

    And I second Karleigh's motion - NEEDZ MOAR EBAY FUCKERY XD

  4. Omg yaay Im so happy you are back, and Im so happy u are getting your make up... And Im so happy for you and your newest gadgets =) welcome to the apple world and welcome back to blogging gorgeous =)

  5. I have missed you too. Especially your Ebay Fuckery posts! Lol. Glad to see your back x

  6. awww thank you ladies! very glad to be back and ebay fuckeries will be back sonner than you think! :)

  7. Glad to have u back, you've been missed! ps. love the banner as well

  8. I have missed you-I am glad you are coming back girl:-)

  9. Yay!!glad u back hun we missed u like crazy Cant wait to see more posts soon.

  10. dont be silly i love your the makeup to