Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Going to the Circus!

Hello Biuties!!

I'm a couple of days late with this but trust me it was under my roof as soon as it came out! 
I'm sure the blog world has been drenched of posts about this palette but I REALLY like it so I had to post something as well!
More pictures after the jump!

 Unfortunately the camera doesn't pick up the colors as good as I would like.
Some colors are absolutely gorgeous!!
The 3 first top colors on the left hand side as so pretty!
I Also love the blues, orange and yellow.
But my favorite color of the palette is the lime green frosty color. It has a golden look to it also.

Whilst I'm happy with most of the colors some colors are just plain horrible and a waste of time, money, ideas, space, air whatever you want... That white color is just horrible, You can't even see it, Its like using baby powder as an eyeshadow...
The lilac color (next to the black) is also a waste. It could have been so so pretty but its just chalky and looks like colored baby powder.
Other than these 2 colors, I love the palette!! The colors are right up my alley and my mind is going crazy with ideas. Can't wait to do some looks with this!

One last quick note, why are the palettes £5.99 now?? I was happy with it being under a fiver! 
Not happy with this Sleek! 
I was so surprised with the price that I asked at the till if it was the right one lol. I don't care if it was embarassing I wanted this to be priced as expected: £4.89!!!

Anyways I still got one, though of getting another for a futur giveaway but I was so angry with the price that I only picked up one. I think I'll still pick up another one just because the colors are gorgeous.

As you read this I'm probably in the Eurostar on my way to Paris... 
Goodbye England!!!


  1. This palette looks amazing. And so cheap too!
    But still, more than this I'd love to get the acid palette.. :D x

  2. I bought that palette a few days ago and I love it too.

    I have also noticed that the palettes have gone upto £5.99, although, when I bought the Circus palette I looked at the receipt and I had been charged £4.99 but on the price tag it had £5.99. I'm not complaining though lol!

  3. oh the colors look amazing, Im loving all the colors

  4. I love this palette. oddly the lilac colour on mine looks a lot more pigmented and less chalky than yours :/
    And ugh i didn't know about the price hike (my girlfriend picked mine up for me) but i am not happy about it at all! A sudden pound increase is quite high.
    Still good value though.

  5. the pictures are crystal clear - what camera do u use?!

  6. the colors are stunning! and no ways, the price gone up! :S

  7. You should do what I did.Next time you go to Superdrug and pay and they give you a receipt then also a 10% form to fill out on the website.You will get 2 palettes for £8.98 instead of £12.00,if you get a code from the survey you have to fill out.You get 10% off when you spend £10 or over.

    Hope this helps!

  8. I was in love with Circus since the day i saw it online. I can't buy it in my country so i will either go online and buy it from the sleek webstite or hope and pray for some giveaways with Circus being the prize. Also I'm in love with the greenish color and the pinky-reddish watermelon color, oh boy.