Monday, 12 July 2010

The first ever post!

As its been a year today I thought I'd repost my first post on the blog.

I think it explains pretty well the whys and hows and the picture of my naked face just makes me laugh. If you click on it you get like an extra extra large picture of my face on you screen, showing you my pores and all.
I don't really know how to start this so I'll just start with my name!
I'm Christelle, I'm 22 and live in the UK.

I created this blog first of all for makeup Lol. No one I know is really into makeup, so I don't have people around with whom I can compare products or rant about new collections or get excited with, so I figured why not blog about it that way you'll find people who are interested in what you have say, people you can learn stuff from and most of all people who won't mind you talking about makeup everyday! ;)

I must say I'm not always wearing makeup, I have absolutely no problem going out without foundation or blush BUT I do need my mascara and lip gloss! I love to be feminine and girly and generally looking nice. I love being complimented on my eye shadow and the color of my nails and all, who doesn't right?! But for me makeup isn't a disguise or "fakes" me out. Its just a way to help me look fresh, luminous and intriguing! I like that variety of it, the way you can mix and mach colors and experiment with what can work for you or not.

(That actually is quite a bad picture Lol I have freckles on my cheeks and I looked so tired! Lol)

Growing up I have always been a girly girl with cute things in my hair and loving to wear jewelry, I used to love watching my mum put makeup on even if it was only lipstick, I loved to see her getting ready to go to cocktails in beautiful dresses and hair all made up, putting perfume on and asking advice on which earrings she should wear. I loved staying in her room after she had gone out just because of the beautiful smell. Just writing about it makes me smile!
I love my mum's stuff, even now I love looking at her shoes and bags and jewelry when I go back home and she has great taste :))!! So yeah basically my mum is my inspiration in terms of black women beauty , she is a gorgeous woman who has always taken care of herself and always has a lipstick and crayon in her bag. She always has her hair done and looking good and she always smells gorgeous and yes I admit it, I'm so in love with my mum :D !

Since we were always moving around when I was small I got to see different types of woman and appreciated they beauty and I believe that part of it is why I am comfortable with my complexion and my skin. Yes I have blemishes and scars and facial hair but I take care of them and learned how to hide them and embrace them at the same time. But I am not scared to post my naked face out here because I believe that it is important for some girls and specially the younger generations to know that it is alright, but most of all normal, to have a pimples and scars. Having perfectly smooth and even skin does not exist except in photoshop! All the glossy magazines are selling dreams and I believe that a line has to be drawned between what is real and what isn't. But that is another subject!

So yeah my "journey" starts here and I hope that it will be interesting and funny and all that I want it to be!

 So there you have it! 
Lotsa love!


  1. what a great first post, and i think you look fantastic without makeup!brave lady!

  2. congrats on one yr - your blog is really nice!!

  3. Congrats on 1 year! :)
    Such a great first post. x