Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Everyday Face...

Hello Biuties!
I hope  you are all having a nice and peaceful week so far!
I'm having a great time, its so so hot and humid here but thank goodness for wind!!!
I started working yesterday so I need to figure out when to blog and stuff but I'll get the hang of it pretty soon!

Office is pretty relaxed and has air con so I can have a full face of makeup and not worry about it melting and looking all sorts of nasty by the end of the day.
It has been raining pretty much everyday since I've arrived and the humidity levels are out of this world and the rain doesn't help either!
I personally still prefer to not put so much on my face as I don't work in the afternoons and tend to go out somewhere with the hubby or just sit in front of the tv.
This is my everyday face so far. I'll definitely put color on the lids once in a while but I'll still keep it simple and quick!
Here's what I use daily:
MAC Select SPF15 liquid foundation (using a tiny bit on the t-zone)
MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural in dark (on the whole face)
MAC blusher in "Hipness" or Nars blusher in "Gilda" It adds a nice peachy and healthy glow to the skin!
On the picture I have "Rosy Nude" lipstick by Revlon. I use it everyday I'm so in love with it!
On the lids all I do is apply UDPP and with a fluffy brush apply "Texture" e/s by MAC
Of course mascara (Maybelline Falsies) and eyeliner (L'oreal Superliner)


  1. Your face looks so fresh! I could never put eyeliner on that perfectly.

  2. u look lovely so simple and natural

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  4. I like the rosy nude lip. Very cute.

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  7. Love it, looks very natural!

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    Have a great weekend!

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