Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ebay Fuckery of the Week!

Hello Biuties!!
I know that last week I didn't put any fuckeries up so this week I'm giving you the motherload!
I found a website that sells a ton of fake! Fake makeup, fake bags, fake shoes, fake fake fake!
And the range of products they sell is crazy!
So now we all know where all the fakes being sold on Ebay come from. I know its definitely not the only site where you can find these but this one I find covers a lot of things.

I encourage you to have a browse on the site so you can see what they sell and what to look out for on ebay.
The have fake Benefit, Nars, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Lancome, Chanel makeup and so much more!

There are so many "products" I wanted to show you guys but there are just too many so I'm just going to show you a few and let you head over to the website where I can garanty you a good time!!

Lets start of with a bit of Chanel...
A nice cheap looking mascara!

Next up:  
Dior Powder Cake 
 (I honestly don't even know what a powder cake is...)
cheap stuff!

How about some Bobbi Brown?
A Pore Powder Cake... 
WTF is that??  pore powder??? SMH

This one is a good one: 
Bobbi Brown eyeshadows
LOL how cheap does it look?? 
I'm sure my MUA £1 e/s have the same packaging...

Here are some NARS brushes...
They really do everything these people! SMH

How about some Benefit eyeshadow palette...  
Does that even exist???
And as a bonus I give you the blush palettes!! 
SMH... are they even serious???

Moving on to some MAC... you already know its gonna be good! lol

MAC Fafi powder blush...

MAC Fafi loose powder...

MAC Heatherette e/s palettes...

MAC Ready Shaped Double Eyelid Tape...
 WHAT??? Someone please explain...

This right here is supposed to be MAC liquid foundation...
Really??!! Purple foundation? for who???
There's just too many questions with this one...

And to finish the one that made me laugh the most...
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish spf15 liquid foundation...
Isn't mineralize skinfinish supposed to be in a powder form? 
But worst of all look at the shades of these! Why is NC50 foundation green??? WHY!
At least the colors are provided so you can find your true match ... LOL

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this one!
Again go and have a look at the website you won't regret it I promise :D


  1. LOL! i love reading your ebay fuckery of the week..

  2. OMG aughhh i always report items like that on ebay

  3. Haha the purple foundation made me laugh so bad!
    Always love this post :)

  4. These always crack me up!!! I just can't believe people are dumb enough to buy these things.

  5. These are so fun :DD Thanks for sharing.. I definitely have to go to buy purple and green foundation!! lool x

  6. Those Bobbi Brown eyeshadows are hilarious! We love these posts!


  7. your ebay fuckeries are hilarious i love reading them

  8. HAHAHAHA EPIC FAIL. Wtf @ those Benefit ones!

  9. The fake Mac eyetape is geared towards Asian women that want double lids :)