Friday, 16 July 2010

But where am I??

Hello Biuties!!

As some of you know I have moved from the UK and I've received a lot of emails asking me where exactly I was moving to so lets get explaining!

Where am I?
I'm now living in a beautiful Island called Guadeloupe (pronounce it as you please...). 
Its in the West Indies or as some people like to specify in the French West indies.
Its about 4 hours boat ride or 20 minute plane ride to Martinique which is one of the most popular and touristic french department. Celebrities go to St Barth to soak up the sun and get lazy. 
Guadeloupe isn't as touristic but its soo relaxed I'm quite shocked to be honest!
Its a beautiful island lush and humid and the ocean is gorgeous! When you land you can see just how clear the ocean is with its beautiful turquoise color.

Why am I here?
aaahhh Love...
My husband is french and was born here and lived here since he was born. Then he moved to Paris to study which is where and when I met him back in 2003. He moved back here about a year ago and it was only natural that I come along. Plus island life sounds so much relaxing than London right?!
 Views from living room balconies... Gorgeous and soo quiet!

The only problem I have right now are the mosquitoes... they can smell I'm not local so my body is their temple right now... But for some reason they love my feet and specially in between my toes... its horrible! but they better stop tasting me before I go all ninja on them!

There you go, that's my piece said!
I have no idea when I'll be able to do more looks, these days I'm sticking to really simple makeup because its so hot and there's no point applying foundation or anything like that. 
But do stay tuned!


  1. Welcome to the West Indies!!! You're in my time zone now!! (I'm at Trinidad and Tobago) : )

  2. glad u had a safe journey hun,the Island looks beautiful,peaceful n quiet,wish u all the happiness n love in e world lol

  3. I just got back from a cruise to the west carib. about a month ago. It was so hot my face melted off every day. I can only imagine how it is there now! Your view is gorgeous. You are very lucky :)

  4. Looks like a beautiful country! Enjoy your new tropical life!!

  5. Best of luck in your new life across the pond xx

  6. Crystal u r such a lucky girl hope u enjoy living there and please keep us all updated on what you are up to there looks so beautiful makes me want to go 'home' wit the big yards and 'durawalls' we wait to see if all the makeup arrived safely

  7. good luck - island girl here haha =)

  8. It look so beautiful and relaxing!

  9. oh wow cool,, do you speak french? I Hope every thing goes well, have fun =)

  10. OMG gwada !!!!!!!!!
    it is my island, I am from Basse-Terre!!!!!!!!!!
    All my family lives overthere although right now i am an expact in Amsterdam ...

  11. it's so beautiful.. ok now i want to visit Guadeloupe! *hehehe*
    btw, i just came across your lovely blog and im following you now :)

  12. oooooohhhh, you are so lucky !!! I wish i will return there when i finish my studies. I'm from guadeloupe too ( petit-bourg). BTW i really like your blog because we have the same cskin tone that make it easier for me. Wish you have a good time there