Saturday, 5 June 2010

Poll Results...

The question was: How much is your wishlist worth?
Personally I need millions because even though I want to believe that what is in my wish list is all I want I know its not. We all know that once we get what we want, we still want more!!
A million will definitely put an end to my headaches and will last for a couple of years (or weeks according to the hubby!)

I'm glad to say that 38% of you guys are with me when it comes to the millions!
22% between £100 and £500
16% between £500 and £1000
13% need more than £1000
and finally 8% need less than £100! (I feel denial in the air lol)

We always want more and more and since I've started blogging about makeup I have definitely spent a lot more than I used to.
At one point all of my money went into the makeup and the amounts I was spending were just ridiculous!
This makeup business can definitely become an addiction, I'm addicted and I deal with it by giving my card to the hubby who's very very strict with me... NOT! I just need to give him the look and he gives that card back as if it was on fiya!

Share your tips ladies, How do you control yourself?

Stay tuned for another poll next week :)
Lotsa love!

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  1. I didn't actually take that poll, because it would've forced me to put a value on everything I want, and I like to be in denial ;D