Thursday, 10 June 2010

NYX pencils haul

Hello Biuties!
This will be my last haul for the rest of the month (lets all pretend it really is...) 
I needed more lip pencils and eyeliner pencils and when I saw that Cherry Culture was doing a 25% off deal on all NYX products it was the perfect opportunity to get a few items.

:::Lip pencils:::

L to R: Pinky, Mahagoni, Cabaret, Plush Red, Current, Deep Purple
Chestnut, Coffee, Mauve, Sedona Red (Jordana)

:::NYX eyeliner pencils:::
L to R: Sedona Red (lip pencil), Deep Red, Brown, Cafe, Sapphire, Teal, White

I didn't think the lip pencils would be that dark, I mean "Deep Purple" doesn't look anything like purple and "Plush Red" isn't that red :(
So I'm a bit dissapointed that the colors aren't really what I expected but I can work with them.
At least they are really creamy and easy to apply.

I loooove the pencil eyeliners! Again very creamy and easy to apply. "Sapphire" is one of my absolute favorite! Its gorgeous! 

My local Co-op stocks NYX products and unfortunately its closing down and they have 70% off everything in store!!!! I so want to go but no money :( 
Someone has taken all my money out of my account and its giving me a massive headache!
If I had my money I would have raided the NYX stand for sure!


  1. Nice haulage. I have loads of NYX lip pencils! Great bargain buy.

  2. wow!that blows about your money!How frustrating that you can't take advantage of the closing down sale! >:(
    I got some of the pencils and kinda know what you mean about the darkness of them but I still like em.
    Love your blog by the way!

  3. i love nyx pencils! have about 5 in my makeup bag now.