Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My Summer Essentials

Hello Biuties!!
As it is officially summer I thought I'd share what I'll be religiously using during the hot weather!

-Sun protection-

Finding sunscreen for the body is easy. You don't really think about it, but when it comes to finding something for the face that's when the headaches start.
I definitely wouldn't recommend using on your face what you use on your body as these types of moisturiser tend to be on the heavy side and contain quite a few oils. Now imagine having all that clogging your face!
Desptite all that I am happy to say that I have found my holly grail in that department. Again its from simple and the best things about it is that its UVB50 and oil free. Which means that I get the full protection without clogging my pores and having breakouts from the excess oils I'm putting on my face.

I have to stress that everyone should use some sort of sunscreen for the face and for exposed skin, no matter your skintone you still need it! Also sunscreen shouldn't be just worn when the sun is out. Even when its cloudy you still need it as UV rays aren't blocked by clouds and still filter through. Also no matter the season you need some sort of UV protection and the only thing that changes through the seasons and weather is the strenth of you sun blocker. You definitely don't need a SPF50 during the winter! And a SPF15 just isn't enough for the sunny months!!!
This part is VERY important so do a quick google search to know more and know how to decide what to look for in a good sunscreen. Or just click here for a good guide.

 Continue reading for more summer essentials :D 

I use a very light moisturiser when its really hot as something too heavy just makes my skin break out and act up. So I really need something oil free that will not clog up my pores and keep my oilly skin at check.
 This moisturiser is really light and has a wet feel but it works perfectly on me. Although it doesn't have any SPF in it I use it when I know I'm not going out and at night.

-Tinted Moisturizer-

Applying foundation during summer is useless for me as its bound to melt unless you're staying in an air conditioned office all day long. But for a day out its just useless to put it on. You can still find a sheer foundation but I don't know how that will work out as I've never tried one.
Even though I don't apply foundation I still want some coverage and an even skintone. Which is basically the selling point of a tinted moisturiser. You get a moisturiser that isn't too heavy and that will even up your skintone. You want something that your skin will absorb beautifully and that will stay on all day.
For WOC its a struggle finding a good tinted moisturiser so I've given up on the search and made my own. Its soo easy to make and you only need 3 things: foundation, moisturiser and sun blocker.
I love doing this because you control the coverage you want to achieve by adding more or less foundation and you can tweak the formula by adding a few extras.
I personally like adding a few things more for a luminous finish. In my tinted moituriser I have foundation, moituriser, sunscreen, a bit of NARS orgasm Illuminator and a tiny bit of MAC luster drops and this combination gives my skin a nice and glowy sheen and when the sun hits it the tiny particles from the illuminator is what gives me the nice glow.

-Face Refreshing Spritz-

When its really hot and you feel like you just feel like jumping in a pool but can't a nice refreshing and soothing facial spray can work wonders and cool you down a bit.
What I like to do is keep my MAC fix+ in the fridge and dump it in my bag when I go out or take it out of the fridge and use it when I need. That way when I spray it on its nice and cool and so refreshing!
 But since I also love doing my own thing I like mixing in a spray bottle some sparkling water (tap, mineral, bottled are also good alternatives) and add a few drops of peppermint so that I get that nice tingling and refreshing feeling once I use it. Alternatively you can put in a few drops of tea tree oil (which has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral action) which is great for the skin, you can add scented oils like vanilla or lemon just to name a few. Or for even more freshness mix a bit of peppermint oil with cucumber extract and you'll have a winner!
Put it in the fridge and remember to shake well before using!

-Lip protection-

Something else that is important to me. When you don't want to spend your days applying and reapplying lipsticks there are great alternatives out there that will moisturise your lips, protect them from the effects of the sun and add a hint of color. I love using lip pouts and I'm buying the whole range of sleek lip pouts because they are amaaaaazing! You can also pick up some tinted lip conditioners from MAC for a few extra $
But my all time favorite product to apply is "labello" lipcare. Although it doesn't contain any SPF it is soo moisturising and easy to pop in your bag or pocket. I have one in like every bag I own I love it that much lol.

Color, color, color!!!

For me summer is when you splash yourself with color. Bright blushes, eyeshadow and lipstick is something I don't skip on! I love love love summer for that. You look festive and colorful and it just lifts your whole look up.
My nails aren't spared either! about 80% of my nail collection is bright and "in your face" colors.
Even with what I wear and the accessories, color is the way to go!!!
Some people like the bronzy subtle look for summer but I don't to be honest, I think its the only season when its "ok" to have color on everything part of you face and body lol. Image looking at someone wearing yellow nail polish and vivd purple and pink eyeshadow in December... lol
No part is spared! from the top of the head to the toes color shall be applied! :p

There you go guys! I hope this was helpful and that you've picked up a few tips and tricks :D
Oh and one last thing: perfume!
Get a nice sweet flowery scent for summer to turn heads and make you memorable! But don't overdo it unless you like being followed by bees...


  1. Great post!! I especially love all the colorful makeup! Truly what summers all about!

  2. That was a great tip about the Fix+. I never thought to put it in the fridge. I also may try mixing some spray up myself.

  3. Fantastic post! I really need to get better at applying my sunscreen, i know i need to and i try my best but i forget so often :( I'm super pale and burn really easily so i must get in the habit or i could get in real trouble.
    Love the colourful makeup picture, it looks so tropical :D I see a lot of my favourite products in there too.
    And thanks for the tip about putting facial spray in the fridge, that never occured to me.