Monday, 14 June 2010

Hi :D

Hello Biuties!
I just thought that I'd log in and say hi!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather
I'm busy today doing paper work. Its sooo boring but it has to be done :(

The situation with my bank has been resolved which is definitely a good thing. I received a 10 minute lecture from the customer service guy over the phone (trying to convince me it was my fault that someone hacked my account!! None sense!I've been using online banking for almost 6 years and never had any problem!!) That was fun! I really wanted to hung up on the guy but I'm too polite for that. I just put the phone down, on speakers and finished doing my dishes...

Anyways this week I will also get my wisdom teeth out, all 4 of them (OUCH!) 
I don't know why I'm not too nervous about it. I usually hate dentists but my dentist is very nice and the first thing he told me when I sat on the chair was "I know you're nervous, I'm nervous too so lets hope I don't crack!" Not what you want to hear for sure but it definitely broke the ice and amazingly I wasn't nervous anymore.

I have football fever! 
I usually never watch it. If I'm at home and my dad and brother are watching a game I wouldn't really watch. I'd be in front of the telly with my computer or just in another room.
However when world cup comes around I watch every single game (even the borring ones)
Its the perfect occasion to interact with people from different countries and also a perfect opportunity to insult their country knowing they will take it well :D lol

 I'm done talking!
Your turn, what's up??

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