Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ebay Fuckery of the Week!

And the fuckeries keep on coming!
This week was the start of Big Brother 11 and the World Cup.
So I thought I'd do a medley this week :D

mmhhh wasn't this game yesterday??? 
Why is it still being listed???
If the tickets were located in South Africa I would have understood that the auction would still be running YESTERDAY! But the tickets are in the States!!!
The auction ends tonight and poor someone bid :( $500 steeeeeep!
Some tickets are for sale for above $10,000 its just crazy...

 That's just funny!
Why?? at the moment its going for £51 and people are bidding!
And how do you know it REALLY came from the house???
True fuckery here or do I not get the principle of being a TRUE fan??

Is that a Collector's item????
Fine I guess if you are a HUGE (or weird) fan I guess you might want this
This magazine is for sale at the sweet price ooofff... £8.99!!!
Oh and shipping is £2.65...
Lets just keep in mind that the magazine originally cost 99p

 Really?? The seller says:
For sale is an authentic red rose/flower I caught from rock-star Coolio during the eviction night of the UK's version of Celebrity Big Brother 2008.
As the huge R&B star left the Big Brother House, he tossed several red roses at us attending his eviction.
I managed to catch one and had it professionally pressed in Belfast to preserve this valuable flower my idol had actually touched with his own, bare hands.
Although i'm sorry to see my little keepsake go, it has been valued at £1,500.00 and during these depressing, financial times...I'm listing it here starting at only £100.
Item will be sent by Recorded Delivery.
If you have any questions, please fire away as I am only too happy to help you!
Good Luck :)
I'm sorry but that is just blaaaahhh and to me its some serious fuckery... what do you think?

#1 Ebay fuckery of the week:
In short its an empty can of coke... which will cost you $9.99 + $8 for shipping...
All I can do is shake my head... What kind of fuckery is this??

To be honest I was dissapointed this week, it was hard to find something weird and uninteresting. I just wanted to find someone who was selling the shoes he wore to attend a world cup game, or find someone who was selling a mug that was in the Big Brother house for a ridiculous amount...
Yep, next week better be full of fucked up fuckeries!!


  1. I am sorry I never really comment on your blogs, but I love your looks, and the Ebay weekly posts are just hilarious, love your blog x

  2. Lol, this is amazingly funny!

  3. I love your Ebay Fuckery posts. Makes me laugh everytime!

  4. Whatever next! Can't wait till next weeks :) x

  5. I ♥ these posts, keep them coming x

  6. I nomianted you for an award on my blog check it out.. love your posts!!