Sunday, 20 June 2010

Ebay Fuckery of the Week!

This week I decided to go back into the beauty world and spot those fakes or ridiculous items being sold to the innocent!! lol
I was so overwhelmed by all the nonesence that instead of a top 5 you lot are getting a top 10!
*clap clap clap*

The excuse of this seller is that she's had it in her make up box for a long time and that's why the nail polish doesn't have "MAC" written on it as it has worn out... mmmhhh yeahhh
Someone should have told her that MAC nail polish bottles don't look like that and that the label on which the name is written isn't like that either. And don't even get me started on the shape and look of that "MAC" lipstick...
I think the worst thing is that someone has bid on it... SMH

The packaging alone gives it away... I mean how cheap does it look?! I won't even concentrate on the look of the actual eyeshadows and the sponge brush that comes with this horrible palette...
Interested? there is some competition on this one! already  4 bidders and at the moment its £7.32 excluding shipping... 
And as the seller says "Gud Luck" lmao

Need I say more?? At least they look good... but definitely not MAC!

The fact alone that this blush's name is "NO 06" is a big hint as to the nature of this product... Plus the packaging looks so cheap and old... if someone bids on this I will personally go to their house, pick up this shit and burn it

I don't even know what that is supposed to be... lets hope the seller clears it up for us:
This is MAC POWDER PLUS FOUNDATION. In this bidding there are 3 different colours 2 of each so that makes 6 in total which the winning bidder will recieve. This item look great on and off and provides you with a perfect and smooth finish. This item looks luxurious and also this item is solid but glides like a soft creamy emulsion.
No Returns Due to Hygiene Reasons.
Get it? me neither... all I know is that this THING isn't MAC... and at £25.00 excluding shipping I'm happy not knowing...

Can someone tell me what this is?? what is it?? 2 way??? so many questions so little time...
Seller says:
This is a beautifull 2 part powder with not just 1 ! compact powder but 2! & comes with a mirror and puff!
I still don't get it... but I'm very happy to report that no one has bid on the fuckery!

WTF is a whitening powder cake???? and you can only laugh at the packaging with the face and the little tip at the top to hang it in a shop... lmao.
At least the seller says that its a fake but why still call it MAC?? SMH

Lets just state the obvious... the brush... This made me laugh, the brush alone should tell you this is the worst fake eveeeerrr! And even though the picture is blurred you can still tell that the blusher isn't MAC just looking at the packaging in which it is...
Unfortunately 2 people have already bid on this at least they'll just have to pay £2.28 if they win..
Clearly is a case of if its too good to be true it definitely is!!!!

I'm sure you guys have seen these fakes walking around on the ebay and just shrug. I did too until I saw the amount of people bidding on this... Its just unreal! This means that people are actually fighting for these!! I just don't get it. You don't even know what's in there... SMH
And the MAC logo looks like a label they just glued on there... urgh
This one had 15 bids and sold for £9... that's just wrong!

#1 Ebay fuckery of the week:
I think I laughed for about 5 minutes when I first saw this...
Its a Hello Kitty packaging box and on the actual blush is a "Barbie Loves MAC" logo... clearly the seller is confused lmao
and the packaging of the blush looks so cheap its just unreal!!
If you feel like you can't live without this mess right here you can still bid! Auction ends tomorrow!
And if you just can't go through all the stress of the auction by all means BUY IT NOW! Its only £5.99 and £1.20 for shipping! LMAO

See you next week for more fuckeries :D


  1. Hahahaha this is an amazing post :D

  2. Haha! This is our favourite blog post - ever!! That powder cake is astonishing. People really are so, so, stupid.


  3. aahahahahahahhaahhahaha OMG
    love love love these posts, DONT STOP xxx

  4. Hahahahah lol! People who sell these fakes are so stupid.... But peoplwe who buy them are even more stupid :D

  5. Keep them coming!! Soo sad, but soo funny.

  6. definitely my favourite posts at the moment, look forward to these every week so please keep doing them!

  7. Number 4 is my fave! And no1 looks like it's suffering from split personality disorder. Thanks for the giggles! x

  8. Oh dear!! So sad that people actually bid on these!!

  9. hey hun, im having a makeup sale on my blog, so please feel free to check it out ;)

  10. omg! you craked me up gurl. I love this post! please keep them coming. and ROFL at number 1!

  11. what on earth is a 2 way powder???oh Lord even cheaper brands don't have products called whitening powder cake lol lol lol