Saturday, 5 June 2010

Ebay Fuckery of the Week!

Hello Biuties!!
This week I was looking for things you could find in your closet.
And lets just say that Ebay is a wonderful tool for the weird and plain useless...

Well Worn Ladies Dolly Ballet ShoesThese fabulous plain white shoes are being auctioned for a ridiculous £42.05 and people are bidding on it!
Why would you spend so much on a pair of shoes that someone else has worn!? and they don't even look new either!
You interested? you have 10 hours left...

Well worn used flatbed style SANDALS & worn tightsThis just made me laugh...
Someone is selling these tired old slippers with the already ripped pair of tights! I mean WTF?! And someone has bid on it!!
If you have around £18 to waste, go ahead and bid!!

Felina lingerie bra & underwearHonestly... selling USED underwear?
I can understand as far as the bra goes but the panties?! NO Mam!
She says that they have been worn a once or twice, now even if you wore it once I don't care! It still went in between your ass and for all I know you could have worn that for 3 days without removing or washing it... urgh

Well worn used socksThe picture says it all. $16 including shipping...
And the socks don't even match!
I feel happy that no one has bid on this or else I would have tracked them down and slapped them hard on the back of the head.
At that price I could have bought a lot more pair of USEFUL socks!

#1 Ebay Fuckery of the week:
VANS Trashed & well wornWhat can I say?? $24.99 plus $8.95 for the shipping! wow wow wow!
That's some heavy fuckery right there!

Hope you liked this one and see you next week for more Ebay nonsense!!


  1. Gross gross gross. There are some really strange people out there!

    (But I'm now wondering if anyone out there would buy my husband's used socks and I could raise some money for makeup....)

  2. lol, its nuts but there are people who have smelly feet fetishes and they love this shiz!


  3. Like Nooberella said, people with fetishes bid on them. It is gross!

  4. That's disgusting but like the Noober said, people with fetishes will snap that shit up. There used to be a guy I worked with who was fascinated by women wearing tights and he got sacked after he was caught stealing them from a woman's bag.

  5. What the hell .___. !
    But my goddddddd !
    That is disgusting !

  6. I wanted to bid on the socks but it said that bidding has ended :'( haha I didn't really ;) I can't believe people expect others to buy their crap xx

  7. OMG!! this is so funny :D the people bidding on it are insane :P the ones who put it are crazy desperate people i tell you

  8. Lmao...these ebay fuckeries crack me up every time. I was tripping when I read about the bra and panties, but almost threw up when I saw them nasty socks. Folks is a trip these days lol.

  9. LOL these your ebay posts always make my day!

  10. Haha love it!

    Though I think the reason the white shoes are so high is due to some dudes with fetishes! Haha xx