Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ebay Fuckeries follow-ups...

Hello pretty people!
Today I thought I'd look back at last week's ebay fuckery items and update you guys on which ones were sold and which ones are still being sold... In case you want another chance to get it.
This doesn't count as the weekly Ebay Fuckery posts, there will still be one this weekend :)

Last week #10 is such a chocker for  me!! it was "MAC lipstick and nail polish" item which  wasn't even shaped like a MAC product... and best believe that this foolishness has received 11 BIDS!!! 11!!! It also went for £7.19.. its just so wrong

The blatantly fake "MAC powder blush NO 06" (#7) sadly went for £7.99 after 3 bids :(

#3 was the "MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powder blush" with the dodgy application brush. I'm extremely sad and devastated to say that it sold for the grand total of £9 and received 17 bids... SMH

And finally last week's #1 fuckery  was a "Hello Kitty powder blusher blush" which came in a Hello Kitty box but the blush actually was in a "Barbie loves Mac" packaging...
I am very sad to announce that someone has bid and paid of this foolishness... £7.19... the fact that that person was the only one bidding on this should have been a clue to them...

Lets all raise out voices and enthusiastically clap all of the sellers, bidders and buyers of all these "products" for their foolishness and entertainment :D

And just to let you know, the "Coca Cola 2010 Fifa World Cup can" that was #1 a few weeks ago is still beeing auctioned... Go grab it!!! lol



  1. Shame on the people who buy it!
    .:Not Just Beauty:.

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