Monday, 7 June 2010

Bourjois Black & Diams mascara review

Hello Dolls!
Today I'll be reviewing Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour "Black & Diams" mascara

First off I have to say that I LOOOVE Bourjois mascaras. I have tried almost every single one of them and in my opinion they are some of the best drugstore mascaras out there.
So each time they come out with a new one I'm there buying expecting it to be as good if not far better than the other ones I've already tried.

The "Volume Glamour" series comes in a variety of formulas (Ultra Black; Ultra Curl; Ultra Care)
The Black & Diams mascara was released during the Christmas period and was meant to help you "add" the festivity decorations to your lashes.
I tried to find a description of the product online but couldn't find any which is very weird but anyways lets get started.

::::The good::::

The packaging is very cute, I like how curvy the bottle is and it fits perfectly in the hand.

I also really like the idea behind the mascara, the idea of having a black mascara that has silver glitters in it specially for parties or going out, I think it gives the look something extra

The packaging says "Extra Volume mascara doubles volume of lashes, black lashes enhanced with silver glitter"... Sounds heavenly doesn't?
unfortunately this is where the good ends :(

::::The bad::::

The first time I applied it the amount of clumps I had after a single coat shocked me. It was really bad!! I thought I had done something wrong so a few days later I tried it on again and yep sure enough the same thing happened...

The other bad thing was the glitters... I couldn't see any! None!! I wanted my lashes to sparkle and all I ended up with was clumpy and gray eyelashes!

When I swatch I can see the glitters but I think that they are so thin that you don't see them anymore and they just turn the formula into a grayish paste that looks a right mess!
This really is a shame as I was really looking forward to positive results here!

The brush...

You can kind of see how small the glitters are on the rim of the tube...

The mascara swatched, you can see the grayish color of the mascara and the glitters

On paper it was a really good idea but in practice it was just wrong.
The formula really lets this one down!
Not only did it not double the volume of my lashes but the glitters were not strong enough!
Such a shame!

Although I definitely won't buy this one I'm curious about their Volume Glamour range and will definitely pick up the Ultra black one just to try.
Lets hope its not as bad as this one!

Did you try this mascara and what did you think of it?


  1. I had the older version of this mascara, I bought two because it was on offer (2 for £8) and I had a five pound off voucher from Boots.

    It clumped on me and all sorts, didn't really do a great deal.

    If you're looking for a good mascara, try Clarins Wonder Perfect or Prestige's My Biggest Lashes.

  2. What a shame, i'd love to fine a good glittery mascara! I picked up the Ultra Black in some kind of promotion but haven't tried it yet.