Sunday, 23 May 2010

Where/How to start with makeup

Hello Biuties!
Today i want to talk about how I started with makeup and my advice on where to begin.
This is just my personal opinion and advice based on how I started.
  1. First of all I think the most important thing is to find is your foundation. This can be such a struggle but stay patient and positive there is a match for you out there!
  • When you get started I think your money should go on foundation. Not only is it for the most visible part of your face but if you get it wrong EVERYONE will notice.
  • Make sure that it's a good match and that your skin accepts it (no break-outs, too oily, too drying ect.)
A good way to start is with your drugstore brands.
  • They are quite cheap and some have received rave reviews
  • You can also decide whether you prefer liquid foundation, mineralize, powder or cream foundation. Drugstore brands have a wide variety of shades and although it is harder for women of colour to find a good match there are brands that can definitely make you happy like Sleek.
  1. Setting powder is also something you want to invest in. A bad one might change the colour of your foundation even if it was a perfect match, it might be too drying or cakey. Again research and research.
It doesn't hurt to ask for samples (not in drugstores but in brand stores like MAC, NARS, Bobb Brown ect.)
A setting powder will help your foundation to stay put and will remove any excess shine. There are tons of setting powders, some loose, some compact, some that will help with blemishes or that have a transparent finish. Again its all a game to trial and error.

  1. Concealers are also important depending on what you want to conceal. Even after a year of searching I still haven't found a concealer that I am happy with. I just want to conceal the dark areas under my eyes and searching for that perfect concealer is a bitch! But I have faith I will find it one day :D

The 3 products above are definitely the base that you have to get right.
When it comes to types of application (brushes, sponges, fingers ect) again use what is more comfortable to you, its not because your favorite youtuber uses brushes to apply their foundation that you have to!

  1. Speaking of brushes... you can start with the cheap ones and when you feel ready buy the more "professional" ones. Keep in mind that its not because a brush is cheap that its bad and vice- versa. There are cheap brushes out that there that are the bomb! Crown brushes do cheap and beautiful brushes, Sigma does good cheap brushes as well.
On the other hand when buying the more expensive brushes that receive rave reviews can save you money right from the start as you know that they work and that they will stay with you for a looong time. The cheaper one won't necessarily pass the test of time.
So it kind of depends on you, do you want to buy the good ones now or start with the cheaper ones and then upgrade.
I personally don't have many MAC brushes, most of my brushes are from Sigma and I'm happy with them at the moment so don't want to buy anymore at the moment (even though I constantly dream of more Crown brush brushes!)

  1. Now lets move on to palettes.
I definitely think that when you start with makeup don't buy the expensive stuff from the start. I think that you want to experiment with shades, color combination and finishes first. You want to know which kind of colours you prefer, which shades you like best. Imagine you spend your money on a mac eyeshadow just to find that you don't like it and that it doesn't even show on your eyes... That happened to me and I was pissed!!!

If you watch my videos you will know that I love everything that comes in a palette. Palette are compact, easy to move and store but most of all they offer you variety in front of your eyes. It definitely makes it easier for me to use my makeup. Imagine all of the eyeshadows I have were in their individual packaging!! It would just be a nightmare to do anything!

There are tons of palettes available at good prices on ebay, Coastal Scents or Stars makeup Haven. Also check out brands like Sleek, Beauty UK and of course NYX just to name a few.
Don't think that because a palettes is cheap the colours aren't pigmented or won't last long! There are great cheap palettes or eyeshadows that have colors you wouldn't find as pigmented somewhere else.
Yep its all about pigment, not brand, price or "look" of the palette.
When I say palette I also mean single eyeshadows of course.

There are also blush palettes and lip palettes. Again it will help in determining what shades goes best with your skintone and what shades you prefer on yourself.
The 28 blush palette I have was soo helpful, I used the bright colours, dark oranges and burn orange colours a lot and these are the ones I tend to go for the most when buying new blushes/lipstick.

The only downfall with these cheap palettes or products is the fact that you don't get all the finishes you might get with higher brands. You only tend to get shimmery or matte finishes when there is a lot more out there.

  1. Now for the other random stuff,
For me mascaras aren't that big of a deal. I love my drugstore brand mascaras. Bourjois is definitely my favorite brand for mascaras and I honestly don't feel like I need to try out the pricier ones like YSL or Lancome. I might only try them if I get them for free lol. Cheap brands do work, its just a question of finding which one works for you.

I think the most important advise I would give would be to read, watch, and listen!
Read different blogs for reviews, updates on certain brands, products and general ideas on looks to achieve.

youtube videos. Lots of them! They are a great resource for advice, reviews and looks. This is where I have learned the most, from how to apply mascara to how to contour/hightlight.

to all the advice specially when it comes to cleaning your products and brushes. You don't want to catch something nasty!

There I'm finished :D
I hope this video was helpful to you guys!!

Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Thank you so much for this.. this is really helpful :)

  2. Brilliant post so much information i love your blog and have nominated it for an award so check it out on my blog xx

  3. Love your eye make up in the video :)


  4. Great common-sense advice. I'm going to tweet this post. I often forget how totally mind-boggling makeup must seem to people who are new to it.

  5. Great advice <3 I really love my 28 blush palette, it taught me how to do blush and not look like a clown