Monday, 17 May 2010

Skincare overview/routine

Hello Biuties!
I often get a few questions asking me what I use daily on my face, and here are all the dets!
This will also act as a tiny review on those products I use.

First of all I have to say that I wasn't into face care until about a year ago when I started playing with my makeup. So I'm definitely no expert!
Before that that the only product I had for my face was a face wash and a moisturizer and that is it. It worked pretty well for me but as you get older (not that I'm super old or anything) your face needs a little more tlc. I used to wash my face twice everyday and exfoliating was a word that came from mars.
When I started with makeup and after watching tons and tons of makeup videos and reading on how people take care of their skin it kind of just clicked in my head that I might need a bit more and since then here's what I do.

In the morning I wash my face, use a toner and moisturize.
In the evening I wash my face, use a cleansing lotion and moisturize.

As you can see not a lot has changed but the changes do make a difference.
Once in a while I use a facial mask (when I remember to) and as far as serums or special "products" go I don't even go there. I think the skincare industry is becoming soo confusing and keeping it simple for me is the key. The simpler your routine is the more you get out of it I think. I have this idea in the back of my head that if you use too much different products on your face it will just get confused and the mixing of all the chemicals will screw up the purposes of the products. That's my opinion anyways...

As far as the products I use go, I pretty much stick to a single brand and that is the "Simple" range. It was the first skin brand that I bought and I've stayed with it since. I'm so glad I didn't have to go through the whole trial and error phase to find the right product for me. This range was an instant hit for me.
They have a variety of products for different skin types (normal, oily, sensitive, wrinkle control...) and they also do shampoos, conditioners, soaps and lotions and baby products as well.

Here's what I use:
Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating WashIt has tiny exfoliating particles that make it fine to use everyday. Since I have oily skin my pores get a lot of buildup (dead skin cells, sweat, dirt ect...) during the day so exfoliating everyday helps remove all that excess and lift them up from the pores. A facial exfoliator is softer than an facial scrub. A scrub is to be used once or twice a week whereas an exfoliator can be used everyday or according to the product specification.
I really LOVE this product, its 2 in 1 and after using it you can definitely feel how soft your face is, my skin feels clean and clear!
It comes out clear in a gel like form and you can see the tiny exfoliating particles. There is definitely nothing wrong I can say about this. It doesn't have any smell which makes the whole experience pleasant.
(I use it once every morning, at night I use another product)

Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner
I love this, it contains chamomile which soothes the skin and you can definitely feel it work on your face. The purpose of a toner is to cleanse, shrink pores, contract, firm or tighten & strengthen the skin.
While doing some research I found this
"Toners for the treatment of oily skin usually contain alcohol, but look for those that contain acetone as well. Rubbing alcohol can also be used, but it may be a little too harsh for individuals with more sensitive skin. Sensitive skin individuals can try witch hazel, which is less harsh on the skin. Alcohol can dry out the skin significantly. For individuals with very oily skin, this is not a problem."
This is wrong in sooo many levels, DO NOT USE ALCOHOL ON YOUR FACE! no matter what your skin type is! People with oily skin just really avoid anything with alcohol and acetone. By using alcohol your are changing the PH balance and removing moisture on your face and to get that balance right again your skin will produce a lot more oil as fast as it can. You then end up with more oil on your face than when you started... so please don't! I always try to go with something that has less than 10% alcohol in it, that product has really become my enemy and that is why I keep on banging about it!
I only use this in the morning to help my skin look a bit more "alive"Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion
Again I really like this, after using it with a cotton pad I can see it work, the residues left on the pad speaks volume! Everything that the facial wash hasn't removed this product is sure to get it all out! After all it's its job right! After applying it the skin does feel a bit tacky but that is normal and the sensation fades away in a matter of minutes.
I only use it at night to remove all the nastiness of the day.

Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser
First of all I have to say say that no matter your skin type you need to use a moisturizer, without moisture, the skin will not remain smooth and supple. The face is exposed to the drying effect of the weather, so moisturizers -- which form a film over the skin -- contain and augment the natural moisture.
Think about a tomato that has been in the oven for as little as 10 minutes.Its skin will be all wrinkled and saggy because the heat of the oven has taken all the moisture out. That is what basically happens to your face, moisturizers help your skins moisture stay put and adds a bit more to it. Most aging creams are just full of some sort of humecant (honey, glycerin) to help the moisture stay in and the more moisture you get the more the elasticity of your skin remains and the longer those wrinkles stay at bay!
Although I have oily skin I still use a rich moisturizer just because this one doesn't add oil to my face or makes my face produce even more oil. I use it specially during the winter when a moisturizer for oily skin isn't moisturizing enough and makes my skin feels super dry.
This has to be emphasized, its not because you have oily skin that you can only use products for oily skin! there are very good products out there that are for normal skin and that work just as well for oily skin.During the summer I sweat a lot so this moisturizer is just too much for my skin. so I use this one: Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser which is one of my staples. It keeps the shininess at bay and still moisturizes pretty well.

From the Simple range I also have cleansing wipes and eye makeup remover, I love the wipes as they are not drying and don't drag the makeup on you face!

This range has done wonders for my skin and there is no way I'm changing the products I use. My skin isn't as oily as before and my wallet is a happy bunny :D

This post is already so long! but there's one last product to talk about and its my night facial wash: Amie's Morning Clear Purifying facial washBecause I use an exfoliating facial wash in the morning I just just think it would be too much to use it at night as well. Its for younger skin (teenagers) so I like it as it will have minimum impact on my face and still work for me. At first it was strange using it as it feels like you are washing your face with a moisturizer on a wet face and a couple of times I felt like I had to check that it was really a facial wash as the consistency of it was really strange for me. But after getting over it I quite like it. It definitely doesn't leave my face dried up and most importantly cleanse well!
Amie is a brand that caters for young skins (teenagers) therefore its very gentle and is less prone to do much harm to my skin.

There you go I'm done!

My best advise for you guys is to find something that first of all works for you.
Don't just keep using it because the bottle says it works or because everyone loves it.
If it doesn't work dump it and move on.
Also try things that are out of your skin type, you never know you might end up being surprised!
Things that I think you shouldn't skip on are facial wash and moisturizer, your face is the most visible part of your body and what people look at first (in most cases lol) so take care of it and treat it as gently as possible.

Hope this helped :D


  1. I like your skincare mantra, often I've wondered if my creams can even penetrate the skin with all that other crap on there.

    I can't remember if I've ever seen Simple here in Australia, their packaging and logo reminds me of Biore so I cant tell LOL

  2. girls are more sensitive to skin health conditions. The main reason of the pollution and the dirt, they face on the work or outside the house. Hence extra skin care is required.