Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sex And The City 2... Here I come!

Hello Biuties!
I haven't been talking about the SATC new movie, old movie or even the tv series, but you have to know I am such a fan!!Even thought I only discovered it only about 4-5 years ago, I watched every single episode from the series, rented them all and put the hubby through hell asking him questions that an episode would raise or blatently accusing him of cheating because for some reason an episode made me see that there were "signs" lol. I was a complete nut!
When the first movie came out I dragged the hubby to see it with me. Its definitely not his kind of movie but what can I say I'm irresistible lol
Anyways he fell asleep during the movie, I didn't even care and actually forgot he was there with me... how rude of him!!
This time round I'm still determined to drag him with me.
He forces me to watch all those Kung-Fu movies and this is my revenge :)

It comes out tomorrow in my local cinema. The first screening is a 12 and I shall be in the best sit in the house with some popcorn and a stupid grin on my face :)

Will you be going to see the movie and if so who are you talking with you??
Or you just can't be bothered and will wait for the dvd release...

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  1. i'll definitely be going to see this movie!! i've been waiting ever so patiently! LOL but i wont be taking the bf LMAO i'll go with the girls we'll be making it an event :) i'm now getting the bf warmed up to the series (he doesnt want to admit it but he likes the show!) LOL