Thursday, 20 May 2010

Randomness rant...

Hello Biuties!
This is a random post so I'm warning you it will be strange lol.
Yesterday I was supposed to record 2-3 videos, however after after 5 minutes of filming the camera's battery died on me :( booooo!!
Yep I was pissed and the hubby was just laughing at how pissed I got, cursing and giving the battery the evil eye!
So no video :( and no post as well since I've spent the whole day lazying in bed doing nothing and watching crappy tv. Have you noticed how day time tv is so rubbish I actually started getting depressed by the programs!!!
I was so bored I started knitting again. Well its not really knitting, its called crochet.
I started to do a blanket last summer and just forgot about it because of the wedding and having to move and all that. So I spent my afternoon knitting... I feel so old lol.

Anyways yeah I just wanted to post something and say hi to you guys and how much I appreciate all the feedback good or bad and all the love.
And hello to my new followers!!!
Honestly I don't say that enough but I love you guys!
There's so much love and positivity and acceptance as well and I'm happy to be a part of it. The hubby thinks its funny how concentrated I am when reading different blogs and how I talk to him about some bloggers and some articles.
The first thing I do when I wakeup is take my ipod, check my emails and then go on blogger and see the posts I haven't read yet. Its my morning routine and I'm addicted lol.
If you have a blog and I don't follow it just comment with your link and I'll follow. I love following blogs and even though I don't often comment I read them! Just have a look at the blogs I follow on the right hand side of the blog and see if yours is there.
Also if I don't follow you on twitter send me your dets and we shall get connected!

Oh and I'm moving soon :) we haven't set a date yet but in July I shall be on a beach in the West Indies cocktails in hand and starting a new life with the love of my life! I'm so so excited and trust me I've already checked out the makeup stores available!
I'll write a post about all that soon anyways.

Finally I put up a poll on the top right hand side of the blog, yesterday while looking at my makeup I was wondering how much is everything I have worth... I stopped counting after 2 minutes it was just getting scary at that point. Then I got thinking about my wishlist and how much I would need to eradicate it. And here's what I've come up with: 2750... for now lol
But millions would be more like it :)
So if you have time please answer the poll:
How much is your wishlist worth?

Hope you had a beautiful day and now its time for cocktails!

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  1. The West Indies sound amazing!!! About the blog issue: Do you know that isn't available anymore? Weird thing, right? That's the reason why I don't add to many blogs to my blogroll. Some don't exist for a long time, which is sad. But I hope that you'll stay here for longer as I like to visit your blog when I have some spare time left(I'm always too busy). xox