Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Randomness and stuff to come!

Hello Biuties!
There's nothing special to blog about today.
I went to town this morning to post the winner's goodies and got a few eyeshadows from the MUA range at superdrugs. I can't believe I forgot to check out the new Topshop makeup range! I'm such a fool! lol
In the next few weeks, i'll be doing a few looks with the MUA eyeshadows as well as a review of the products I have.
But before that I have a few office looks to do which was a request.
I also have reviews on NYX eyeshadow pencils and the crown brushes that I got last month.
Wow I feel overwhelmed just listing everything I have to do!

Keep your requests coming, my email is on the sidebar and feel free to ask anything you want.

Lotsa Love!

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