Sunday, 9 May 2010

Neutral Office look!

Hello Biuties!
This is was a request from chibu74 on youtube (Hiya!!).
She asked me for some subtle office looks.
This look is really simple and not adventurous at all.
I have never worked in an office so this is just my interpretation of what I would do.
This is definitely a base and you can build up from it with easily.
But all is explained below!
Can I just say I adore my brow bone highlighter !!
Here's what I would do:
Simple neutral eye, maybe do a neutral smoky eye once in a while. For more colors on the eyes I would just use a single eyeshadow color on the lid, nothing too extravagant though (no neon colors lol).
I would also play with eyeliner colors but not with anything too bright like fuchsia or turquoise blue. Dark blues, plum colors would be perfect.
I would play around with blush colors, go with the subtle colors like "Tippy" or "Gilda", pinky, peachy shades, and I would definitely stay away from the bright colors like "Exhibit A".
On the lips I would go crazy with bright pinks and reds but I would probably stay away from purples. A nude lip would also be perfect.

As I say in the video, it also all depends on your company's policy.
You probably won't be allowed to wear purple lipstick and electric blue eyshadow if you work in a Gucci shop, on the other hand if you work in a drugstore you may get away with it.
Also it depends if your work involves interacting with the public. If you have to meet clients, serve people etc, a toned down look would be more appropriate.

I thinks that's all I have to say really....
I hope this helped you in some way and of course keep the requests coming :D


  1. Very pretty, you look lovely no matter what colours you wear!

  2. I hope to get them in my hands sometime! They are gorgeous!

    This is definitely a nice, neutral office look. I'd have to spice it up with a little color somewhere, I'm sure most places would let you get away with it if you didn't over-dramatize the look.