Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Makeup links

I want to make you guys spend today lol so I'm sharing a few links to site that I think have good products with a friendly price tag...

She sells a bunch of NYX products as well as Red Cherry lashes and other brands. I actually bought some lashes from her TWICE!
The NYX round lipsticks sell for $1.75 each (cheapest price on the web I could find) and there are swatches!!!! Its definitely a change seeing them on someone's skin as opposed to a generic shade shown on most websites.
The downfall: when you look at the pictures of some shades you notice the other shades that are swatched on the same picture and that's when you see other shades that you have to have! Its a beautiful vicious circle and at that price I'm happy to buy more than I have to...
She also sells NYX jumbo pencils, eyeshadow, lip pencils, eyelashes and more.
Shipping is a really good price and I was impressed! So just have a look and buy :D

Nonpareil boutique-
The website sells a bunch of makeup and accesories, again NYX is there, Milani, LA colors and more.
The reason this site in this list is because they have a 20% off all NYX products and it ends TONIGHT!! NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments (check the internet for reviews but they are apparently great) are just $1.50 and that excludes the 20% discount... you see where this is going right...
Just go ahead and indulge...!

Cherry Culture-
It a bit the same as Nonpareil Boutique except is bigger and with a lot more brands. You find your standards like NYX, LA colors, Milani and more. In my experience they are quite good with shipping and often have offers. I'm just waiting for their 50% OFF sale... They had one in November I believe so I just need them to do another one and I'm set.
Do have a look at other brands, Jordana pencils are quite good and I love my Amuse USA lip liners!

All of the shops above are American but they ship internationally so there is no excuse!

For my UK ladies here are a few shops that are worth having a look:

Love Makeup-
A fabulous online shop in which you have some MAC limited edition products, some discontinued products, you have some NYX as well as Stila and more. Prices are really reasonable and you can also purchase MAC pigment samples.
This website is on this list because of the recent brand they added to their stock.
Stars Makeup Haven.
They have a website and ship worldwide but having it in the UK means less time waiting and more time shopping :) The prices are really reasonable as well compared to what they cost in $. What I am most looking forward to are the empty palettes. They are magnetic and you get 28 slots (26mm) to hold your NYX e/c as well as MAC e/s. The key word here is "magnetic". Why bother with buying a non magnetic palette, then buy magnetic sheets, and magnetic labels for your eyeshadows when you can buy them already magnetised and for the same price as a MAC 15 slot palette... Its a no brainer for me!
So go check out the empty palettes (12 & 28 slots available for e/s & 8 slot available for blushes)
And they have a wide range of eyeshadow colors as well which are receiving rave reviews.
I only have 1 e/s pf theirs at the mo' but plan on getting more! And I can't wait for my palettes to arrive (bought them from the US before I knew this website had them :(
Go on and fill up your basket!
I just checked and the 28 slot palettes are sold out, lets hope they get stocked soon!

Cocktail Cosmetics-
Its a similar site as the one above, they have similar product but with slight price change and what you can't find on the other side you just might find it here and vice-versa. I love these sites because you can get a hold on past MAC collection as well as discontinued products. And they already have a few of the MAC "To The Beach" collection stuff.
Don't just have a browse, spend something!

And the last link is for the lovely ladies at The Makeup Artist Boutique. If you don't know about this website yet then I'm afraid you've been living under a rock somewhere in the middle of the ocean :( They sell OCC lip tars, Yaby products and more stuff. A lot of us are really happy to have these ladies in our lives as we can finally stop drooling over what is on the other side of the pond! They also have frequent offers, promotions and don't bite :D
At the moment everything in the store is 10% off (don't know when it ends but take advantage now!)
Go on and have a splurge, I know you want to!!
Oh and they also have a website (Emma) in which they share tips and tricks and have giveaways so go follow! www.promakeupartistblog.blogspot.com

Ok I'm done being evil and encouraging you to spend :)
I just wanted to share where I'm spending my time online lol
Even if you don't get anything now, bookmark, subscribe, follow for the future or you can just wait for that massive sale. I'm still hoping for an 80% off sale on one of those sites, that would be epic right!!?

Lotsa love!


  1. Hey there I just wanted to say that my goodies arrived yesterday. wow so fast I was so surprised, I love the card u are super sweet, thanks again for hosting that amazing giveaway, I'm going to pop my sleek virginity hehe

  2. great post! i have to check to see which ones deliver internationally now :)

  3. I love NYX : ) Great post on great stuff. Love your blog!



  4. LOL I ordered lashes from the lovemakeup site also, but I'm sure u already know that. I found another site called shopcraze.com. I'm not sure if they ship international but they have nyx and mac pigment sample as well as many other brands. Shipping isn't too bad either.