Thursday, 27 May 2010

Is that 50??

Last night while browsing the internet I stumbled upon this picture
There was something familiar about that face...
Then I read that it was 50 Cent...OMG!
He looks so ill and tired and in bad shape its quite scary!
I don't like the man or his music but I felt so sorry for him when I saw this pic.
But it was short lived as he had to lose the pounds for a movie role. He's playing a football player suffering from cancer and I have to say the accuracy of the way he looks to the situation is disturbing but spot on.

The guy lost 54 pounds in 9 weeks... yes, weeks!!!! All thanks to a liquid diet (YUCK!!) and loads of walking... Talk about extreme!!

Do you guys think its just too much or its ok to go to such extremes for our entertainment?


  1. :O He does all ill in those photos. Quite old looking too.
    I assume he's doing it for the money rather than our entertainment! Get rich or die trying (by starving yourself to death)! xx

  2. Oh wow! I just heard someone talking about it in my office.
    He looks so ill, it's scary! It makes him look really old too! xx

  3. As log as he's getting big bucks i think its okay to go on a crazy diet for a movie.. im just glad its for a movie and he doesnt just "want" to look this way ..

  4. I saw this on a few of the gossip sites. he looks insane.

  5. He looks really scary... as if he is ill.

  6. OMG!!! reminds me of the role that guy took for The Machinist (what's his name again)?? he played Batman.

  7. girl, i almost lost my lunch when i saw those pictures. then i read the story and gave him his props for his dedication. i'd survive for maybe 5 minutes on a liquid diet ... but about 10 pounds in 2 weeks sounds mighty good for me personally.

  8. He lost 60+ lbs for a movie. He's playing an ex athlete that suffers from cancer.

  9. He looks bad, but Christian Bale on The Machinist was SCARY! Seriously, it was just horrid! Good movie though.