Friday, 28 May 2010

Ebay Fuckery of the Week!

Hello biuiful people!!
Last week on Ebay Fuckery I exposed some of the fake MAC makeup you will find on ebay.
This week I'm was on the hunt for unusual and plain weird products that you might need (or not!)in your kitchen!

Traditional British Fish and ChipsI'm baffled.. this will be sent from the UK to America by air mail.
Although it will be sent frozen god only knows how frozen it will be when it arrives.
The reason for this auction "is so you can share the great traditional British meal"
$9 for soggy fish & chips... YUCK! SMH!

Japanese SUSHI Cell phone Strap,SalmonAlthough its not from the kitchen so to speak its still a damn fuckery!
That thing looks real as well! Its just weird..
Why would someone want a sushi hanging from their phone??? and pay $35 for it as well!!SMDH!
At least the shipping is free :D lol

Jane Norman Carrier / Store BagAgain, not something for the kitchen but it just had to be in the list...
Maybe its just me but I don't understand people selling used carrier bags... why?!! And you'll have to actually bid for it. At the mo' its £0.99 and shipping is a whopping £2!!
You have 4 days and 21hours to make up your mind...
Definitely some fuckery going on here...

Summertime grilled steam fishI just don't know what to say about this... what does it even mean???!!
Steamed fish... on ebay... would you buy??!
And the pic doesn't even make it appetizing!
Bids start at £9 and £0.75 for shipping!
You have 35 mins left... HURRY!

#1 Ebay Fuckery of the week:

Kellogg's Cornflakes 500gI don't know what to say about this...
Who would buy Cornflakes on ebay???
And at that price as well! £3.45 and £2.75 for shipping... WTF!!
Someone tell me why!

Hope you like this one and see you next week for more ebay fuckeries!


  1. ...So weird! The fish and chips is just the worst!

  2. haha this is so funny, can't believe there is people out there that would buy this junk!

  3. haha thanks for these! x

  4. hahaha what?! That's all I can say aha. It's just weird, and you do get some people who would buy the crap haha

  5. LOL THIS IS DISGUSTING :| and that sushi does look disturbingly real

  6. The fish and chips looks tasty hmmmm...

    mouth watering :)

    loving you blog girl!

  7. Omg this is so weird, Wtf really?

  8. LMAO i LOVE these posts, keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  9. Funny post. I def had my laugh for the day. Hope you do more.

  10. I had no idea people sold stuff that crazy on ebay. Total nonsense!