Friday, 21 May 2010

Ebay Fakery

Hello Biuties!
ITS FRIDAYYYYYY! and this can only mean one thing: sleep :D or sun and shopping, whatever you fancy...
This morning I was on ebay checking out some stuff and every time I type MAC on ebay I find the most bizarre "genuine" MAC items. And that really pisses me off to see people selling things that are clearly not MAC. But what pisses me even more are the ridiculous prices. If you're aware that its not MAC fine but I still wouldn't pay that amount of money for something that fake.
So I thought I'd do a weekly "Ebay Fuckery" post :D
I have to admit I also got fooled a few times who hasn't right? just be careful and know exactly what you are bidding for.
(Click on the name of the product to go to their ebay page)

12 COLOR CREAM EYESHADOW (MAC) for £23.99 AND £3 shipping...Fakidy fake!!

MAC 6 COLOUR EYESHADOW Bid start at £0.99 and a whopping £4 shipping...Just notice the brush provided lmao... That in itself is a clue to this fuckery!!!

10 EYESHADOW 2 BLUSHER 3 LIPSTICK MAC (fafi) for £29.99 AND a generous £4 shippingI don't even know where to beggin... *sights*

60 Colors ™MACs™ Eyeshadow Pigment at this moment there have been 26 bids for this and that last bidder is prepared to pay £90.00 PLUS £25.00 for shipping...mmhhh just look at the pictures, these pigments look like simple powder or colored chalk. And those labels and the name of the pigments I mean COME ON!!!

#1 Ebay Fuckery of the week:

MAC EYESHADOW 120 COLORS PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP 15 bids... yes 15 and at the moment that palette costs £55 and still has 1 day 9 hours to go... oh and for the shipping? £5.80!! SMHI'm still in shock over this one. I have the same palette and its not a MAC at all. Mine cost £17 including shipping... sad sad sad indeed!

Hope you enjoyed this post, be careful what you bid for and spread the word!!!


  1. I'm glad u posted this. The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago because I wasn't smart enough to do a background check. Now I make sure to check on these so called "genuine MAC" products.

  2. That's why I tend to only buy lesser-known products on Ebay, there's too many fakeries about with the big brands!

  3. i feel so sorry for all the people that are getting so obviously conned!but if they don't know it's fake now they probably won't realise when they get it either

  4. ! I also feel extremely sad for these people!
    Thanks for making such a post !

  5. Damn girl that's like the palette i bought here that you said looks like a sleek palette :( i hate that shit as well!!! thanks for this post! *smh at the 120 palette*!!!

  6. This made me laugh so hard. I mean to me if your bidding on something like this, then your not a true MAC fan. I mean come on people the packaging does not even look close to something MAC would sell. Also, you can google just about anything and verify its MAC.

    When I listed some MAC stuff on Ebay I had to go through a ton of hoops, so I am surprised that they have not yanked these listings off.

  7. I totally agree with y´all, its just sad how every now then, the people behind this fool you, just like that

  8. If you don't know what MAC products look like I guess you can be fooled. Those clearly look fake.

    I just found your youtube channel. I subbed

  9. Thanks for the warning. One other way of knowing if an item is fake is to check out the seller's other items. If they sell 'designer' products really really cheap then it is very likey that the seller should not be trusted xx

  10. Wow, major Mac fail! It's really sad that some people will get fooled by this :(

  11. irritating!!!! i dunno why people do this.. both the seller & the buyer... i mean what's the point of selling & buying fake makeup... why not get the quality from the real thing... your comments crack me up though!! I love your humor in your posts!! hahaha

  12. I feel bad for people who get fooled by convincing fake MAC, but honestly you have to be a moron or a n00b to fall for some of these ones :(

  13. Can't believe eBay still let this go on. I wrote a post on Specktra in 2004 - SIX YEARS AGO - about this issue and eBay have done precisely nothing to clamp down. In fact it has gotten worse. I guess there's no real motivation for them - who cares about people getting ripped off when eBay can collect all those lucrative Paypal and listing fees?

    Moral - don't buy big brands at a discount on eBay, it'll probably be too good to be true.