Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Debenhams Summer Spectacular

Hello Biuties!
Just to let you all know that Debenhams is having up to 25% off sale on everything both online and in-store. If that isn't enough a reason for you to buy something there is also free delivery! (I suspect only for UK addresses they do however ship internationally now)
However the offer ends on Saturday so hurry!How is that of interest to you I hear you say...
Well makeup of course!
On the website they sell Illamasqua, Urban Decay and Nails Inc. just to name a few and there are pretty good deals on those, lets you save a few pounds... Also if there is a perfume you've been eying for some time now they are on sale! Just have a browse and pick something up (yes I am an enabler and proud of it! )
Gotta love a good Debenhams sale...


  1. Ha, you are definately an enabler!

    I've got my eye on some gorgeous KG gladiator sandals and I just can't let myself browse the site for fear of spends!


  2. Mmmm Illamasqua discount you say? :D