Monday, 24 May 2010

Collective haul!

Hello Biuties!
It is early morning and I'm getting ready to get down to London for the day (Thank goodness its only a 40 minutes train ride!!)
But before I leave I wanted to post something so you guys can think of me today :D (How vain in that! lol just kidding)
Here are a few things I've got in the past few weeks:

I was the winner of Rachel's (Lady Danger) fabulous giveaway. (Go check her out!!)
And my prize was 2 MAC products of my choice.
I've been so into lipstick this month (bought 5 MAC lipies - Me think another ban is in order...)
So I picked 2 more lipies to join the others in the overcrowded lipstick box..
I picked Ruby Woo (red) and Rebel (plummy pink). I wanted to pick Girl About Town but didn't because I thought it was similar to Petals & Peacocks which I already have, then someone told me that they aren't similar at all.
So guess what lipstick I'll buy next :DIt was all in a really pretty pink box and she included such a sweet word for me. She made me a very happy lady and I think the hubby is still jealous of that lol
Thank you so much Rachel for this!

Next I bought a few 28 slot magnetic palettes from Stars Makeup Haven and this was before I knew that there is a UK website selling these. But it still was cheaper for me to buy these in the US as I paid £39 for the lot including shipping and with 58 magnetic pans!!
I used 1 palette for all my Inglot e/s, 1 for the other random e/s I have and the last one for the pressed pigments (BarryM, OCC, Sleek, MUA). I still need to get a last MAC palette.

Palettes with the magnets were $17 and without the magnets $15
I got 2 with magnets and 1 without and they gave me 6 free ones.
Also included in the package was a free e/s they sent me which ended up in the bin as it was broken beyond repair and I didn't like the color anyways.Inglot palette
Random palette (MAC e/s & pigment, BarryM pigment)

The way they packaged the items was truly appalling!
I wish I had taken pictures now.
They were in this envelope that didn't have any bubble wrap protection in it, the pallettes weren't wrapped in anything, they were just in these transparent plastic sleeves, the pans were in a kind of carrier bag bouncing everywhere and worst of all was the eyeshadow wasn't wrapped in anything besides a plastic case and was left to move freely and be crushed by the palettes and the 58 pans.. you get the image!
That eyeshadow exploded everywhere! I still have some on my carpet!
Needless to say i wasn't happy at all with that. You know you are sending something on the other side of the world why not wrap the items accordingly?? At least put the pans and the eyeshadow in the palettes, at least buble wrap the whole thing!!!
I definitely complained and till this day no answer... Its a shame because I would have bought from them again but right now its a huge NOOOO!

Onto happier thing :D
The next thing I got was from Wayne at Gossmakeupartist.blogspot.comI got a full MAC palette with eyeshadow for £60! (RRP £146 minimum - Bargain!)
There are colors in there which were in my wishlist,
some that I already have
some that I would have never thought of buying but that I absolutely love
and of course some to whom I'm still giving blank stares... lol


  1. Great haul!

    How do you move the sleek e/s over to the palettes?? I am sure the ones I have a pretty tightly fastened in?

  2. @BittersweetKindaNew Thank you lovy! They are not Sleek e/s but Inglot eyeshadow. They are very easy to remove!

  3. Hey lovely, yay I'm so glad you got the lipsticks ok and like them! I was worried about them in the hot weather we've been having lately, I had visions of melted lipsticks! xx

  4. I sooo want Rebel and Girl About Town! I'm just trying to exercise some self restraint- till pay day at least lol!

    What are Inglot shadows like? I'm yet to try them but planning a trip to Westfeilds in the not so distant future.

  5. Awesome collection!

    Pls check out and follow me @


  6. @LadyDanger No melting nightmare :D They arrived safe and sound and will have no rest from me that's for sure!

    @Anthea Im trying to restraint myself right now!! so many things so little money!!!
    I absolutely LOOOVE Inglot e/s but I'm done with them now i think, I'm moving on to their lip products and the gel eyeliners...

  7. I dunno about the empty pans and palettes, but AllCosmeticsWholesale sells the StarsMakeupHaven shadows and they have great packaging and customer service :)

    Rebel looks great! I may have to swatch it and see what it looks like on my skintone. But I love Ruby Woo <3 perfect matte red