Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tester Kit: Sleek New Skin Revive liquid foundation

Standing at superdrug and watching all of their foundation was torture as there are a lot of shades (17 total!) and there is no way I'm standing in front of the "counter" trying to match my face in front of the masses... NO WAYY!
Thank goodness Sleek came out with their tester kits!
The kit comes with 5 different shades and you choose the range of shade you want/need:light; light-medium; medium-dark; dark.
It is a great idea and a lot of drugstore brands should do it too. Save us some money!!
This kit was £2 and you get enough for multiple uses (I'd say 2-3)
However these things are a bitch to open! I spilled some all over my white table cloth (fortunately its vinyl & wipeable so its all good!)
Enough talking, more watching!
This is just to show the kit, I can't review the actual foundation as I've only used it once. I'm definitely going to buy one tough so stay tuned for that one!
I will pick up Russet (3rd from the left) I think it looked better.
I know that the 1st one on the left looks like a better match but with the oxidation it turned redish :( otherwise it would have been perfect!!
Onto the video!

The silicone-based oil-free liquid foundation (17 shades) are £6.99 and the testers are £2
They also have testers for their Creme to Powder foundation (18 shades) for the same price
Have fun swatching!!

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  1. you know that I tried with sleek foundations. but they oxidized waaaay to much for me. plus they were way to red based. Unreal. So I doubt I'm gonna use em again. just not convinced.

  2. I think this is a great idea! However i've tried their lightest shade and it's much too dark for me. It makes me really happy that they have so many great shades for dark skins, so few highstreet brands have any at all.

  3. @Deborah the oxidation is mad! iTs a shame really but I still want to try them out, the way it photographs is too pretty to pass lol

    @Lillian I love that they have so many shades for the darker skintones, Other drugstore brands should get more instead of the 1 shade fits all bottle. At least highstreet brands are getting there right!?