Sunday, 11 April 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics haul

Hello Biuties!
Many of you know OCC for their lip tars and they have been in my wish list for ages.
But thanks to The Makeup Artist Boutique they are now available in the UK and the time of lusting over them is now truly ovaaaa!
Initially I was planning on buying them in a few months time.
That was until their fabulous Easter sale. They had a sexy 10% off everything on their website and I just couldn't resist the temptation.
Unfortunately at that time the check out payment wasn't working and to apologize they bumped the 10% off offer to an even sexier 15% off. But that wasn't the only bit of good news, the lovely ladies sent me a £15 gift card to use at any time and on anything I wanted on the website.
I couldn't wait another second and in the space of 24h I had paid for 9 liptars and my card was feeling mighty light!
I am sooo sooo happy with everything I got and already have my eyes on other colours.
These babies are super pigmented and although the tubes are smaller than I imagined it will take me a very very long time to empty them.
I'm sure you guys have been lip-tared out of your mind in the past few months so I'll just get onto the pictures and swatches!!
Some look perfect on their own but mixing is the way to go!
I need to find a container to put all my mixed up colors so if you have any type of container in mind, feel free to suggest!

Another product from the OCC range that isn't as popular at the lip tars are the pigments.
OMG these are beautifullll!!!
To my knowledge no one in the UK sells these and I didn't buy it in any store either.
I got them form Wayne's (Gossmakeupartist) blogsale. The lot along with another brand of pigment cost me just £25 (12 pigments and glitters + 7 other pigments from another brand)not bad eh!? !!!
Definitely a purchase I don't regret.
These are super pigmented and I don't even need to apply them with a mixing medium or a wet brush. The color payoff on their own are gorgeous.
I'm gonna try and press them next month, along with all of the other pigments I have.
The pictures don't pick up how pigmented they are. But I can assure you I have nothing bad to say about these. The glitters are very fine and I definitely love the colors. Now I just have to find something to do with them...
I'm definitely looking into buying more of the pigments specially big and bright colors...
If only they were available to purchase in the UK.
Can someone please stock them??????!!!
I will post a proper review as soon as I get to properly used them.

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  1. Love the colors!!

  2. those pigments....sigh! they look gorgeous!!! and yes someone needs to stock em up real quick!!! loving Liptars. Gonna collect them all! lol!

  3. those lip tars and pigments look gorgeous. I am on a no buy, must resist! lol

  4. Amazing haul! I need more liptars, they're great aren't they!
    MAC does cute little jars you could mix in!

  5. I love the Lip tars sooo much. I have tonnes of the colours already but now i see i need Melange :P
    Oh and they sent me a £5 giftcard for no reason, just because they're great i guess :)

  6. Wow, gorgeous colors, both the lip tars and the pigments. Good luck on finding a UK store!